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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Hike at Northlake

Went for another hike at Northlake Nature Center yesterday. Although we saw a large, southern black racer (snake,) I wasn't fast enough on the draw to get a picture of it. We also saw some turtles & a bird I haven't identified yet. Here are some insects, which don't move too quickly;

This red admiral butterfly had a badly damaged wing, but critters can withstand an awful lot. He would have landed on my shirt, had I not had a little freak out. Funny how even when we know something won't hurt us, part of our brains still scream, "Noooooo! Get it off, get it OFF!" (Particularly as I've had multiple butterflies land on me at various times in the past without having any kind of freak out.)

We didn't see the owner of this woven home, unfortunately & I'm not sure what kind of bird it would have been. Still, it was cool to spot it among the tangled branches.

Probably owing to the beautiful, sunny, warm weather, we saw dozens of green anoles (like this one.) Some were brown, which means they're either cold or stressed. One showed evidence of regrowing a lost tail. This colorful one had a light blue head, which might be some kind of weird, genetic color morph;I had 3 green anoles as a child (I was a weird child.) One day one of them clamped down on my finger & wouldn't let go. Neither my mother nor I could get it off. Dad had to come home (from the law office in NYC,) to get it off. Needless to say, those were the last anoles I ever had.


Charles Gramlich said...

There were so many anoles. I counted at least 30 before I stopped.

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