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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fontainebleau State Park

Today was my first visit to this historical site. Although I'd wanted to go down to the water (to get pictures of pelicans & such,) all access points were blocked off (as they've been since Hurricane Katrina.) I wasn't disappointed, however;

When this large raptor was closer (before I had my camera ready,) it appeared to be an osprey (but don't quote me on that...)

There were dozens of red-bellied woodpeckers. I also spotted a red-headed woodpecker, but he was too far away to shoot.

One of many gulf fritillaries. I also saw some buckeyes & a very pale, tiny, yellow/white butterfly (that didn't appear to be a sulphur.)

This raptor never really got close enough to identify, although I'm going to poke around now & see what I can find out (update; I'm leaning toward Cooper's hawk on this one.) I also heard an owl as I left this area.

I was delighted to come across this armadillo just off the trail. Although some people don't seem to have much respect for them, this was the first one I'd seen "in real life" & it was just a couple of feet away. It was the highlight of my day.


JR's Thumbprints said...

I love seeing all kinds of critters, especially a skunk when it strolls along the walkway parting the directionless prisoners.

mon@rch said...

armadillos, woodpeckers, butterflies, birds of prey . . . Great day for sure !

Rob said...

Sounds like a great outing. I've been there a couple of times pre-Katrina but not since. That's something else I need to add to my list.

Lana said...

JR; Personally I've found skunks to be surprisingly tolerant. I don't know if they exist down here, but up in Canada you could get within just a couple of feet & so long as you didn't specifically hassle them, they didn't seem to mind.

Mon@rch; Also a plethora of anoles, about a dozen brown pelicans & a flock of a hundred birds (roughly.) Had the mosquitoes not been so thick I would have stayed longer.

Rob; The nature trails are really great. Don't forget your bug spray. <:\

Julie said...

Lana - I'm just catching up here - I don't know if something shifted your end, but last week I hit a blank wall when I tried to get back to your blog through your link, if that makes sense, and I slipped you had links on Charle's page. That's why I've phased in and out. Just tried this link on someone else's site and it came thru to the dreaming tree.

The black squirrels were on a lawn in Toronto.

I like these shots - nice frame and crisp; and congrats on the picture sale. My highlight was preselling one at at a private view on my first gallery exhibition. slightly more conventional style than the razzle dazzle on site...

Have done some reading on the area of dreaming generally and on recent discoveries relating it to stress and depression (long periods dreaming very vivid dreams exhaust brain chemicals - hence waking up feeling tired).

Noticed on Bernita's blog you were in Toronto briefly - I toured with a relative 20 years ago - crime rate was just starting to climb; cop, he took us round drugs busts etc.

Vivid city, but presumably better to visit than move in...all the best with the art.

Armadillo - only seen em stuffed outside zoos...and I am jealous of your cardinals. Nearest we get is Waxwings (pinkish crested birds).

Rob said...

We have skunks here in southeast Louisiana, Lana. They're nocturnal, pretty docile, and they mostly stay out of view. I've only seen a handful.

Lana said...

Julie; You're welcome to bookmark my blog, of course. That might be the easiest way to find it again.
Thanks for the kind words on the art & photographs.
Fortunately my dream cycles are normal, not overly long or vivid, although sometimes lucidity can be tiring (as I'm partly conscious, rather than fully dreaming.)
Yes, Toronto's a nice place to visit. <:\
I'm jealous of your waxwings--which ones do you get, the Bohemian or the Cedar? Either way, they're delightful. I've only seen one in my life (a Bohemian my mom's cat had stunned years ago. I was fortunate enough to re-release it to the wild after it came around again.)

Rob; I kind of figured there were probably skunks around, but in 4 years I haven't so much as caught the slightest whiff. I suppose I should count my blessings. *L*

Charles Gramlich said...

I saw a fair number of skunks in Arkansas, but mostly as road kill. Down here I've not even seen any of them dead on the road. But I figured they were around.

The trip Sunday was great. Very enjoyable, except for the mosquitoes

Julie said...

Wow lana you know your birds! - I had no idea there were two sorts.

Ours are passerine (migratory?) Bohemian. Can occasionally get them in small flocks raiding berry bushes the name of which escapes me...

Yes thanks, I will put a link - wasn't sure if the blank was a privacy thing. Finding my way around with all these odds and ends.

After I moved to digital my camera just wasn't suited to bird photography unless the bird was very large and standing still. I have a few photos of herons...!

lovely crisp shots today..

Lana said...

Charles; I'd typically either see or smell at least one a day in Canada. Not that I'm complaining that I haven't smelled one in four years, mind you (& not that you'd "grok," anyway, but I digress...)

Julie; I totally envy you your waxwings. Like I've said, I've only ever seen one in my life & I've always found them quite lovely.
It's up to you whether of not you want to link me up, but you could always just bookmark the site, too. Your call. I'm honored, either way.
I'm still working on figuring my own digicam out. It was a wedding present, so I only got it about a month ago. Unfortunately the owner's manual doesn't give much information, but at least I'm not "wasting film" in the process. I've also started putting sunflower seed closer to my backdoor (where I take a good number of photos.)

disa said...


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