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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some of My Fossils & Last Night's Dream; Rearranging & Butterflies

I was outside with my manager from work & someone else. We were rearranging an outside area near storefronts for a reopening. I moved the hanging stained glass with crystal (that a friend gave Charles & I as a wedding present,) to a more prominent place in the sun, on the south side of the space. At one point I went over to the storefronts, where I saw quite a few butterflies on the windows. One of them looked like a monarch. Excited, I called my manager over to see it. She rushed over & leaned in very close. Although I’d thought the butterflies might take off, to our delight they stayed put.

Some of my fossils from Canada are shown in the top picture. The lighter colored ones are from Cedar Bay beach (mentioned yesterday.) The dark one (bottom left) was discovered by my friend's 6 year old son in their backyard. I loved it so much I gave him $10 for it. Needless to say, whenever I visited them after that, he would rush up with his latest finds to see if there were any others I might be interested in. The bottom picture includes some fossils I've picked up here & there; a large, fossilized tooth of some kind, an ammonite, a trilobite, a moth (& smaller bugs) in amber & a piece of petrified wood.


Sidney said...

Those really look nice.

Julie said...

Lana -

As a younster I would have given anything to have found a trilobite or insect in amber.

What sort of scale are these?

Ammonites were fairly common in the cretaceous/jurassic area on the coast where I grew up - often got masses embedded.

Also had devil's toe nails (phylum gryphia(?) and bellemnites - known locally as thunderbolts. Crinoidal sea lilly stems, and other oyster like shells, quite a few fossilized sea urchins.Chalk/flint area with boulder clay - odd stretch of coast.

I got up into a fossilized forest in Florrisant(?) Colorado when we visited years back; but not much to see, only stumps. Lovely art in Santa Fe - wish I'd been more familiar with Georgia O'Keefe then.

Think you might like her picture of the Jacob Tree if you've not seen it already.

Lana said...

Sidney; Thanks. I'm a fossilophile, I admit it.

Julie; I didn't find any of the fossils in the bottom picture. I purchased the trilobite & tooth at a shop in Austin, TX, the ammonite & petrified wood were gifts from dear friends & the moth in amber I found online & paid about $100 for. For scale in that bottom picture, the tooth is about 4" long. For scale in the top picture, the largest fossil (a tabulate coral,) is about 5" long. I also have seaweed & other plant fossils, but they're tucked away at present (with my rugose samples.)
I can't seem to find anything on O'Keefe's Jacob Tree, unfortunately...

Julie said...

Thanks, lana. Duff memory. Just double checked and its the Lawrence tree!? Dramatic pine tree painted from underneath at night with the stars twinkling thru. DH Lawrence stayed on the ranch where it grew a few years before.

While checking i found a site with masses of O keefe posters which I've stuck on my side bar for interest.

Charles Gramlich said...

I remember hunting fossils with you that first time you took me to Cedar bay. Was cool, and romantic.

Lana said...

Julie; Ah...I did see the Lawrence Tree. Very cool!

Charles; I remember some wonderous times we spent there.

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