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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Last Night's Dream; Alcoholic Mom, Star Map, Biking for Art & Mad at C.G.

I was with Mom at a bar. I didn't want to be there, but had no choice. I let her know I wasn’t impressed. In a little while a woman came over & sat with us. She had a strange map of the night sky. There was a huge dot in the area of Leo (the constellation.) She confirmed what I'd thought--it was Mars. There were also 3 dots close together to the right of Leo. I'd thought they were planets, too, & excitedly called someone (Charles?) over to look at them. The names written near the dots were clearly not planetary, however. I assumed they were asteroids, which were still exciting to me. I asked the woman where the constellation Libra was. She told me it was off the edge of the map to the right, as it was already setting. A couple of other women came. One of them asked if I'd like to go on a charity motorcycle ride to support the arts. I agreed & told Mom I was going, regardless of her protests. On my way out I ran into Charles, who I was very mad at. I'd written him a note, explaining that I was leaving him, at least for a little while. When he approached & tried to speak with me, I merely gestured to the note in his hand & went on my way.

A few recurring themes over the past couple of weeks, including my mother (who was an alcoholic & died a couple of years ago,) a motorcycle & support for art. The star map was clearly influenced by last night's hike (particularly as I noticed that Mars was in Leo.)

Correction (realized 11/27/07); Mars was in Gemini, not Leo.


Julie said...

Lana - can hardly keep up!

Love the horse print and night pics and the atmosphere on the Niagara one. You know your stuff on stars!
We live on the borders of Kent Countryside - beautiful part of old England, and there's less sky 'noise' from London on a clear night.

I'm starting to experiment with the hypnogogic(?)waking phase in different ways.

I'm a few pounds heavier than when the profile pic was taken but in other respects pretty much the same. It's a pain not being able to hike. Nice to see your stuff.

Lana said...

Julie; Thanks again for your kind words. I've been an amateur astronomer for over 10 years now. Once (in Canada,) I was fortunate enough to see the Perseid meteor shower, the rising waning moon and the Northern Lights at the same time. You might be interested in the Int'l Dark Sky Assoc...I'll add it to my links if you want to check it out.
I don't typically do much w/the hypnogogic phase of dreaming, although once I got some good painting ideas that way.
Nice to see you (who isn't a few pounds heavier these days? I certainly can't say anything. ;)

Julie said...

Lana, I got it - they are doing a major page renovation at the mo.

My youngest was born during Halley's comet. His initials were Hal and that was his nickname.

Canada is the place for it.
Incidentally, if you follow the link on mine to Musings from a Muddy Island, Juliet(?) has got the moon phase icon for England, if that can apply to you?

Lana said...

Julie; I appreciate the moon phase icon (yes, it can apply to me,) but I have all the astronomical info I need listed in my personal journal (which can be accessed even if my internet goes down, which it does too frequently, being a satellite connection.) I also have a little program that gives the age/phase of the moon for any given day I choose to input. For years I wrote a quarterly column on astronomy, so I'm still "on the ball" about what's to be seen when (& my info extends far beyond the moon.) I appreciate the suggestion, though!
Cool story about Hal. ;)

Julie said...

Must be a very absorbing interest if you have the appropriate opportunities to follow it through, given all the available information nowadays.

I put a shot of a partial eclipse up this morning (1999 July/August) seen in France - while doing another writing experiment. Low res digital, but it came out.

Lana said...

I actually got into it partly because I worked as a security guard on the night shift for roughly 14 years. Primarily being out in the middle of nowhere, I not only had little to do, I had perfect viewing conditions often. You never saw someone so excited to spot Venus for the first time. Brings back memories. Our house is so far out in the country I can see the Milky Way from our yard (much as I could in Canada.) Last Winter we enjoyed the Pleiades & the Orion Nebula through our binoculars. This past summer we watched a lunar eclipse & the Perseid meteors from our yard. At some point I'd like to have a telescope again, though.

Charles Gramlich said...

That dream makes me sad. Glad it wasn't real.

Lana said...

Charles; Don't be sad. Dreams are silly things, sometimes. I'm sure C.G. represented some other part of myself here. You have nothing to fear. *kiss kiss*

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