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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Night's Dream; Catalogue Shopping & "Requiem for a Dream"

I was perusing a catalogue (paper, not online,) & picked out a couple of small things I liked that I could afford. One was a square, mostly blue, leaded glass decoration (to hang in a window.) Somehow both items & shipping came to less than $20. Later I was in an SUV at the beach with a male friend. We had the back hatch open & were relaxing in the back, watching people go by. I was telling him about the movie, "Requiem for a Dream," trying to explain what it was about. There's so much to it, of course, that I was having difficulty, but he seemed to get the gist, regardless.

A good friend introduced me to the unedited version of "Requiem for a Dream" some years ago. This may be the most horrific movie I've ever seen, perhaps because it's events are completely viable in real life & no doubt happen to people every day. It had a profound effect on me. Sara's struggles with loneliness, delusion & ultimately madness were all too reminiscent of my own mother's past issues & toward the end the electro-shocked character even looked like mom. I highly recommend the movie (in unedited form,) but be warned; it's not for the overly sensitive, squeamish, prudish or faint of heart.
(Note; The 2nd link to the movie, above, leads to the movie's actual website. This site is partly designed to appear like a marketing website and at various points it appears to cause computer problems, but no harm will come to your computer. These are merely part of the Flash animation related to the movie, itself & are designed to illustrate the deterioration of the characters' sanity & lives.)
The trailer doesn't even begin to hint at the depth & horror of the movie, but there's only so much you can show on TV. Here it is, at any rate;


Charles Gramlich said...

That was such a horrific movie, not a bad movie certainly, but horrific in it's nature and content. Although it held me throughout, it left me feeling incredibly sad and empty at the end. It took a while to recover.

Lana said...

Charles; I think this was one of the best movies that have ever been produced. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this movie's kept more young people off drugs than any PSA ever could. I still feel complete & abject horror every time I think about it. That's some kind of staying power.

Sidney said...

Regretfully I have not seen it, and I know I should have. Another for my Netflix queue.

Lana said...

Sidney; I would say "enjoy," but the experience is a painful one. Brace yourself.

Erik Donald France said...

Yes, one of the best movies I've ever seen and quite horrible in its impact for all three characters -- and the viewer. Selby was a scary writer, but onto a scary reality.

Lana said...

Erik; I've ordered the book, although I may not have the emotional fortitude to read it. At least not quite yet. Gads, what a nightmare!

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