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Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Night's Dream; Clean Car & Break In at the Old Neighborhood

Someone had washed my car. Although it was nice of them, I knew it was a pretty pointless exercise. Later I went to the old neighborhood, where I had to break into a 2-story house to do something upstairs. Most of one wall was glass--the general design of the place was very modern. On my way out, I passed Mr. Archer's house. I cast a furtive glance in that direction, assuming he was still mad at me. I went to a different neighborhood, where I had to meet up with others in a sheltered area behind an apartment building on the corner.

Washing my car is a pointless exercise because the streets in my neighborhood aren't paved. As a result, it's covered in new dust every day. Considering this, I haven't bothered to wash it since we moved in 15 months ago. Every so often a good rain comes along & gives it a rinse, which is the best I can hope for.
Mr. Archer was a man who lived down the street from me who had always been pretty friendly (probably too friendly for my parents' comfort, although nothing untoward had ever happened.) One day I'd tried to pet one of his cats that was across the street at my friend's house. It avoided me at all costs, which frustrated me. As a result, I eventually jumped & yelled at it, startling it out of its hiding spot & sending it running for cover elsewhere. Mr. Archer had watched the whole thing from his doorway & evidently took it rather personally (despite the fact that at my tender age of 6 it should have been a forgiveable offense.) After that, when walking around the neighborhood, he'd typically stop by our fence to tease & spit at our dog. Little did he know that I'd immediately & always felt guilty about having done it, to begin with.


Julie said...

I like the way you've written this.
It's like got back into the feel of how you saw it when you were six. neat.

I don't know if you get pheasants, but as we drove to the 'pub I saw six pairs under an oak - somebody must have dropped some feed.

Lana said...

Thanks, Julie. I don't know if we get pheasants, either. Years ago, however, I used to raise various game birds (including pheasants.) They're quite lovely (not to mention delicious. ;)

Julie said...

lana -

As a new bride I once cooked roast wood pigeon for a dinner party with the shot intact.

Very filling.

Have you come across silver pheasants? (Silver tipped dark feathers - beautiful things).

Lana said...

Julie; The silver pheasants I'm familiar with (although I never personally raised them,) are virtually all white, like this;
Is that what you're talking about?

disa said...


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