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Friday, November 16, 2007

Last Night's Dream; Hell's Kitchen

I applied for a part-time job at a snack bar &/or coffee shop & was hired, starting immediately. The person who hired me trained me briefly--there wasn’t much to learn--& left. Among the other staff members was one particularly young man. Soon I realized that I was responsible for much more than I’d been told about, including keeping the place clean. My coworkers were complete slobs, so this was the hardest part of the job. No matter what I said or how I begged, they tended to leave garbage & dirty dishes everywhere. By the end of my first shift I was so overwhelmed by it that I had to stay for hours after my shift, catching up on cleaning. At one point the entire staff left the building. I followed them down to water behind the restaurant. The young man was the last in line & clearly in my sights. When we reached the water, we found a large, dead bird floating in the water. The young man was fascinated by it & flipped it over, but both sides seemed much the same. Somehow I got everyone to go back to the snack bar, although they continued to be uncaring slobs. I emptied a bucket of garbage that was on a shelf near the coffee maker in the back. While there, someone else came & threw some kind of garbage onto the shelf. I was like, “Do you MIND?” They shrugged it off. After a few shifts I was starting to get the hang of it, almost finishing on time every day. It was stressful & frustrating, though, certainly not worth what I was being paid. One day, in the midst of my rushing around, one of the waitresses went out front, across the street. I was too busy to chase after her. Soon I saw her in the window, heading back toward us, holding her hand to her head as though it were a phone, mouthing something like, “There’s been an accident.” I went to call the cops as other co-workers abandoned their stations to go see what had happened.

The part-time job was likely inspired by real life considerations. I only work part-time currently, but the other day a transmission problem reared it's ugly head. Although I make enough to cover my mortgage & my few other, small bills, it certainly isn't going to cover a transmission replacement (if that's what's required here,) thus my thoughts about getting another part-time job.
Much of the rest of this dream's content (including the dead bird, the careless slobs, my hopeless frustration & the accident,) seems to stem from the recent oil spills in Russia & San Francisco. I am always so horrified, sickened & pained by humanity's carelessness with the global environment that I can't spend much time in conscious contemplation of such anymore, so it sometimes bubbles up in my dreams. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt...


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