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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Canada Goose & Last Night's Dream; Jimmy Johnson, Sea-doos & Stars

I was dating Jimmy Johnson. We were sitting at a table, talking. Later I had an old, smaller style, red sea-doo. I buzzed around in an indoor, man-made pool of some kind with other entertainers. My sea-doo rode particularly low in the water, but according to piped-in instructions, the lower the better. Eventually Charles called me over to one side & extended legs from under the front of it, which made it more like a ski-doo. We all had to do some office work from time to time. I resented it greatly--it wasn’t the job I’d applied for & we got no extra pay for it. The rest of the group turned it into a kind of social hour, during which they spoke to one another or to friends on the phone. Keanu Reaves & Alex Winter talked about how they stop by their online fan site for a few minutes every day, although they clearly held most of their fans in contempt for idolizing them so.

I wanted to portray this Canada Goose (above) by only drawing the dark parts on white paper--kind of a study in positive/negative space. It's one of my favorites.


Charles Gramlich said...

Dating Jimmy Johnson eh? Guess I'm gonna have to git my shotgun ;)

Lana said...

Fret not, hon...It certainly wasn't a "wish fulfillment" dream. I can't stand Jimmy Johnson in real life (for some reason--probably because I've never had much respect for the Dallas Cowboys, although Aikman was okay...)

Julie said...

The goose works.

You probably know this (I didn't), but I read its worth clarifying if your strongest artistic 'magnet' is visual contrast, colour or pattern - and make that key in your work with the others subordinate - or else there can be too much going on at once.

Lana said...

Julie; I didn't know that, actually, but I notice that I've always been drawn to high contrast images, myself (which is probably why my works tend to come out that way, too.)

Erik Donald France said...

You've got the Goose down nicely.

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