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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last Night's Dream; No Privacy & Rudeness

I was with a man (Nicholas Cage?) & someone else (a young girl, I think, about 6 years old?) We were outside, trying to find some privacy. We came upon a closed building with a sheltered entryway that would be the perfect place to talk. As we reached it, however, the man who ran the business in that building showed up & insisted we come inside for a tour. Later I went to my library, where people were getting on computers without signing in (as is required.) When I tried to sign them in they were rude.

A couple of pictures from yesterday; the moon (as seen through the trees,) over my house & a new visitor to the hermitage; an eastern gray tree frog. He hung out on the side of our house for hours yesterday evening, barely moving a muscle.


Julie said...

I need new varifocals.

Piece of silver and a new painting...?

The frog camouflage is clever...!

Just put a link to Mindfields on mine - went to a seminar they ran on stress and the relationship with dreaming. Also a book on dreaming on the site.

The flowers on profile pic are bird of paradise changed to blue on an image editor.

mon@rch said...

not sure if you know this but that the Gray Tree Frog is my all time favorite frog!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Lana said...

Julie; Thanks for the info--will check it out. :)

Mon@rch; I thought he was pretty cute, as far as frogs go. Certainly not "baby duck" cute, but cute in that lumpy, squishy way. *L* Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. :)

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