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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last Night's Dream; Mom's Factory & the Hostages

Mom had passed away. A man was taking me to her old building, which I'd inherited. It loomed large on the horizon, a huge cube in the middle of a field, alone on a roadside. The exterior had been painted red. We went inside & up to the top floor, which had windows all the way around. A round section in the middle of every floor had been removed. The man explained that the building used to be a nuclear facility & that's where the reactor had been. Somehow it came up that someone else had died in the building & the fault lied with General Mills (the cereal company.) I wondered if they might also have something to do with Mom's death, but ultimately it didn't really matter. Later a mentally challenged man had been holding a man & woman hostage for a long time (years, perhaps?) Another woman came, unaware of the danger, & ended up a hostage, as well. The women went outside the front door at one point, where one pointed out a few large, beautiful, strange, dangerous birds. Shortly afterwards they were all rescued.


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