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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Last Night's Dream; The Ride and the Art Show

I watched people on a ride inside of a building. When their cars came back to the station, people who had been on before looked through their old car for something they’d lost. Someone went up, onto a ledge over the station. It was designed to look like a big, vinyl record. The owner of the ride went up there with him, to the delight of the crowd. I went on the ride with a guy. When our car got back to the station, a couple of people were waiting there to look through it for something they’d lost. I pointed them out to the guy I was with, as though it were some kind of honor. Later I was at an art show that featured some of my work. A man picked up a small study I’d done for the "Moonset Over Fog Lake" painting (pictured here.) The painting, itself, fell out of the frame & onto the table. He asked me, incredulously, "You’re trying to SELL this, right?" I went over to explain that no, actually, that was just the STUDY for the main painting, which I’m sure he’d prefer & I was selling at a good price. That seemed to appease him.

Although I don’t tend to have recurring dreams, I do tend to have dreams during which events recur, like this one. I see or go through something, only have to see or do it all again (with few changes from the original, if any.) Not sure what that’s about yet...
The part about the painting stems pretty clearly from real life; tonight I need to make an appearance at the open reception for the STAA’s 50th Anniversary Members’ Show, & I'm probably feeling antsy about it, considering other recent rejections by the local art community. Ultimately I should remember Bender's words of wisdom from my dream the other night. My decriers can "bite my shiny, metal ass."


Charles Gramlich said...

LoL. I love this dream. Now you have a catchphrase.

Julie said...

lana - this is a really neat idea.
Dream blog, that is...replied on mine, but basically

a. I liked the description of your wardrobe much better than my wardrobe, and I could really smell the cedar...

b. This dream brought back a strong memory of a similar ride in the basement of Madame Tussauds in London years ago - with taxi cars;
- surreal context, and ahead of its time with animatronics in situ.

All the best with the art.

- Lost the thread of where to post to you, but found it again, thanks to your comment.

Lana said...

Julie; Glad you've "found" me again. ;)
Actually I used to have one of the world's oldest "blogs." It existed many years before "blog" was ever a word or concept. I used to keep a live journal of ALL of my dreams on my website. At present, however, as I'm planning on tearing down the old & building a new one, so the dreams will probably just stay here.
Every time I even just THINK of that old closet I can smell (& practically taste,) the cedar. Sooooo delicious! Scents produce such powerful memories! Thanks for bringing that memory back up for me. Long had it been since I'd thought of it!

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