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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last Night's Dream; Water, Woods and Shopping

The pain in my wrist has finally abated, allowing me the first good sleep I've had in days. As a result, I've finally remembered another dream;

I was at the Jersey shore, looking at a large map of the area. 4 kids were also there, unsupervised. Soon a few police officers came. They explained to the kids that they couldn’t be there alone, but since the kids were having fun (& not hurting anything,) the cops decided to just watch over them & let them swim. Later they were kind enough to take the kids home. Later people were boating on a square lake with rounded corners surrounded by woods. When it was my turn to go out, it turned out that the lake was very shallow--I could see the bottom from the boat. Later I was driving down a road in the woods. A rig was behind me. Soon the road went from paved to overgrown & grassy. People were walking on it in front of me. I slowed, but the rig behind me wasn’t. I was nervous about what to do. Not only was the road very rough, but I was quickly approaching the people. I looked in the rear-view mirror again & saw the truck was gone, so I slowed immediately & parked where the people had gathered. A variety of colleges were holding flea markets in a group of buildings in the woods. I was with someone at this point. At one place I found a square of quilted fabric with the boards of 4 games printed on each side. One of them was Scrabble. Although I wouldn’t use the others, the Scrabble "board" might come in handy, so I bought it. The person I was with called me over to the other side of the room, where there was an NFL licensed, red, wool coat with San Francisco 49er patches on it. It fit pretty well & only cost $15. Although I don’t like to support the NFL for various reasons, I couldn’t pass up the coat at that price.

Regarding the coat; I had a red, wool coat like this in 1986 that was too big for me & I'd paid $50 for. At that time, I was also a 49er fan.
Other recent dreams also included sporting equipment (like the game "board" here,) a rig, & looking at a map.
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