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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Last Night's Pictures & Hike

A raccoon & an opossum came up for some scraps last night. I was surprised they were so tolerant of one another.

Later we went for a midnight hike at the Flatwoods. I always used to make a point of going on full moon night hikes & hope to reinstate that now that things are settling down (although I'm not leaving the house in August, EVER, now that I live in "the deep South.")

Sirius, the brightest star in our sky after the Sun. Find it by following Orion's belt down toward the horizon. It's the enormously bright star--you can't possibly miss it. I was fortunate enough to view it once through a high powered telescope, where it glittered & flashed like no diamond ever could.

The moon through some cloud cover. Within five minutes of our arriving for the hike, the clouds gave way completely. The full moon was so bright it looked like predawn.

We heard some critters during our hike, including a bird close to the path that took off as we approached, but we weren't able to see anything (regardless of the flashlight.) Still, it's wonderfully peaceful out there at night & will make a perfect place for viewing meteor showers.


Erik Donald France said...

Could actually see that full moon clearly over Detroit. It was also chilly enough to see star clusters. Nature, urban-style :->

Lana said...

Erik; Better than no nature at all, certainly. :)

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