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Friday, November 30, 2007

Lion Head & Last Night's Dream; Spiritual Group

I was the leader of a spiritual group. We had our own headquarters, where we spent much of our time. The main room was large & open. We had various papers or small sculptures relating to our cause. They were artistic, however, as opposed to prosteletyzing. At one point we'd put them up on a shelf like a loft near the front door, but soon I realized that they should be out & on display, so I moved them to a table nearby. Shortly afterwards, I engaged J.B. in a slow dance to "Sentimental Journey." At first he was hesitant, but once he realized the song, he acquiesced. We didn’t hold each other close, as we were platonic friends.

The lion's head was requested many years ago by a group of high school students who had lost their friend in a tragic car accident. It was to represent their friend's nobility and courage. I didn't charge them for it.


Erik Donald France said...

Nice work. Also, you've inspired me to at least take better notes of my dreams. So far, so good. It does seem true that once you write them down, you begin remembering more details and so on through the next cycle.


Lana said...

Erik; Anytime! Glad to hear you're having some success. :) Most people say they don't remember their dreams, but if you really TRY, you definitely can!

Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice lion's head.

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