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Friday, November 16, 2007

Mystery Sparrow; Help?

From the distance, it appeared as though I had 2 female cardinals on this tree stump. Seeing it on the computer, however, it became clear that it's a female cardinal and some kind of sparrow, but I'm not sure which kind. It's clearly larger & has different markings than a chipping sparrow. It reminds me of a white-throated sparrow, although it doesn't have the proper coloration, unless it's a female, maybe? My guidebook doesn't have a picture of the female & I'm having trouble even finding a picture of one online. At any rate, any help offered on identifying the bird on the left (click for larger image,) would be greatly appreciated;


mon@rch said...

I feel this is a tan striped white-throated sparrow due to its white throat that I can see! Although if you look up in your field guide a 1st winter "White-crowned Sparrow" . . . could be one of them but really does like like a White-throated sparrow to me!

Lana said...

That's what I'd thought, although I wasn't aware of a "tan striped" variety. Thanks for the input!

disa said...


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