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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Painting & Correction

Did this little painting tonight; "Misty Autumn Morning." It was inspired by another picture I took back in Canada.
I also need to correct a claim I made on my Nov. 24th posts; Mars is not currently in Leo, it's in Gemini. I was thrown on Saturday primarily due to the full moon, which washed out many of the stars that night. Since I sleep nights these days (instead of working,) I don't spend the time I used to monitoring the stars' rotations & locations. I thought something didn't seem right about it the other night & tonight I was able to clearly see my error. Apologies.


Julie said...

Replied on mine. Just to say I really like this - I've got similar unusual shot of a tree cathedral of vast pines in a nearby arboretum (Bedgebury)
10K trees.Plus like the rich colour.

Starting to put a few bird shots in Coracle - Waxwings - if you're passing.

Erik Donald France said...

Very cool. Like a dreamscape.

Charles Gramlich said...

This is so beautifully done. It has an element of photorealism, but there is something mysterious as well, something fantastic. As Erik says, like a dreamscape.

Lana said...

Thanks all for the kind words. :)When I stopped to take the picture that inspired this painting, a huge rotweiller came running out from a nearby (unfenced) yard. I ran & jumped back into my car, but I'd left the window open. I was terrified as the dog hopped up onto my door & stuck his head inside. I started laughing my ass off when he licked my face like there was no tomorrow.

Bob said...

This really is beautiful... I love how all the dark colors highlight the mist and light coming thru the gap in the trees and such... very strong image... beautiful!

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