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Friday, November 9, 2007

No Dream. Towhee, Instead

No dream from last night--I have a problem with wrist pain right now, so it was hard enough just to sleep, unfortunately. Our chipping sparrow scout was back again today, so I imagine we'll start seeing the rest of the flock soon. Our main feeding stump was usurped from the cardinals this morning by an eastern towhee (aka "rufous sided.") Note the towhee's threatening stance & the cardinal's clear indignance.


Charles Gramlich said...

Last night I dreamt of zombies. We were on a highway fleeing from some crisis when traffic came to a standstill. We got out of the car, then saw that cars on the other side of the freeway suddenly began wrecking. There was some kind of smoke in the air, rolling toward us, and as it crossed us people began to go insane and suddenly turned and attacked their neighbors.

Some of us were immune to the smoke and we managed to get in a car, get it turned around and flee the wrong way down the highway. We got off an on ramp and drove into a suburban neighborhood. We pulled up in front of a house and leaped out of the car. Just as I cleared the door, a zombie with his mouth torn open leaped past me and grabbed the next person getting out of the car.

I rushed to the house and got inside. Others were already in there. But the zombie followed me and busted through the door. You started spraying him with a fire extinquisher to distract him, and as he turned toward you I grabbed up lighter fluid and sprayed him with it.

The lighter fluid seemed to weaken him, like kryptonite or something, and he collapsed to his hands and knees. I tossed a match on him and set him on fire and he just remained where he was, without a sound, as he burned and melted.

Then the alarm went off and I woke up.

Lana said...

Wow...Your dream (or was it a nightmare?) sure made up for my lack of one!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Perhaps my eyesight is going because I looked and looked and looked. Where's that damn Towhee? I guess I'd walk right into that threatening stance.

Lana said...

JR; The cardinal is on the right, of course. The towhee is on the left, on the stump itself, with the black head (that black blob toward the lower left corner.)

disa said...

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