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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Some Eye Candy

One of my favorite "kids," a Carolina Wren. He stopped by for a visit during our wedding last month. I recently discovered that there are actually two around. Most of the past year I've only ever seen one.

Sunrise over Niagara Falls, inspiration for a painting.

One of my personal faves & a bestselling print (regardless of the powers that be considering it "not art"); "Flight."

I was tremendously pleased to see this female red-bellied woodpecker out back today. We had a local pair for most of the past year (they were the first birds that came to our feeders.) We were fortunate enough to see them bring their three chicks this past Spring, but shortly after that they all just vanished. Hopefully this means they're back.


Rob said...

Nice pics. We have Carolina wrens nesting above our kitchen door every spring. They're amazingly LOUD for such little birds.

Lana said...

Rob; Thanks. I'm getting used to my digicam, slowly but surely! I'd never seen a wren until I moved here about a year ago. These are cheeky little guys, too, who started out stealing bits of straw out of fake plants I have on my deck for their nests. One day one of them hopped right up to the patio door for a look inside. As the vantage point was too low, he flew up onto the back of my husband's deck chair for a better look. I had to laugh...

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

I'm still waiting to have Red-bellieds at our feeders. Our staff loves to tease us as store-owners that they have red-bellieds and we don't!
Nice wren too.

Lana said...

Zen birdfeeder; There's a plethora of red-bellied woodpeckers here in SE Louisiana. I've seen more of these than any other kind around here. It was a delight to watch the pair teaching their young'ns to peck open seeds this past Spring. The chicks seemed so clumsy--they were precious.
I love the wrens, too. They're particularly cheeky, frenetic & curious. Very amusing to watch.

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