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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving at Abita Creek Flatwoods Preserve

After Thanksgiving buffet lunch at a local restaurant (we're having our "formal" dinner on Sat.,) my husband & I enjoyed a peaceful stroll through our local nature center. Highlights;

A couple of bluebirds (amidst a group of about 12 that flitted around so frenetically I was surprised to even get this photo of 2.)

One of two large flocks that joined ahead of us to form Superflock. Unfortunately we hadn't brought the binoculars, so we weren't able to identify these birds. Amazing how they move in unison, however, like a school of fish.

Reflections of the Autumn woods in the waters of Abita Creek.

The nearly full moon rising over the woods.


Julie said...

Peaceful reflections.

Hope you have a happy thanksgiving formal dinner.

Mark said...

That's what I think of everytime I see a superflock - a school of fish! I have always wondered if there is a clumsy bird in the middle if it throws the whole unison thing off. :-)

Lana said...

Julie; Thank you. Last year it was so balmy we had our Thanksgiving dinner out on our deck. A little cooler this year, but not much. :)

Mark; Sometimes you can see it in action, when a flock suddenly splits & they come back together a little while later. I bet half of the group is thinking, "Geeze...I can't believe I followed that guy!" *LOL*

Charles Gramlich said...

It was a great thanksgiving.

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