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Monday, November 12, 2007

This Afternoon's Birds

I was fortunate enough this morning to snap this picture of an eastern towhee, a Carolina wren and a pair of cardinals. In addition to this group (& the usual plethora of cardinals,) were some Carolina chickadees, a tufted titmouse & a couple of mourning doves. I haven't seen the doves in a while (when they used to be regular visitors,) & actually just mentioned that to Charles last night. That's an odd thing I've noticed--whenever I say something about "the kids" to someone, they'll prove me wrong the next day. For example;
1. When I started putting seed out, I had no takers. I was on the verge of quitting & complained to Charles about it. The next day I had all kinds of birds all of a sudden.
2. In speaking with a co-worker about indigo buntings, I told her I'd never seen any & would love to. The next day 5 of them showed up at my feeder & stuck around for about a week (they were migrating.)
3. I mentioned to Charles that I hadn't seen the red-bellied woodpeckers in quite a while (they were also regular visitors.) The next day they showed up with their brood.
4. I once complained to a friend that I could never find primary flight feathers from large birds in good condition. Although it wasn't the next day, shortly afterward I found the nesting site of a flock of Canada geese who were moulting. I still have dozens of those perfect, primary flight feathers.
I've tried mentioning that the birds haven't brought me a million dollars, but there haven't been any hits on that yet.
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