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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This Morning's Birds

I really enjoy feeding the local birds, reporting my sightings to eBird (see links,) watching them raise their broods & seeing what migratory visitors happen along the Mississippi flyway. Last year I remember dozens of chipping sparrows that were only around for a few days. Today I was delighted to see the first of those visitors, again. Although we always get a plethora of cardinals (up to 20 at a time this past Spring,) this morning we've had a good variety of visitors. Here are some pix;

A Carolina wren--one of our more daring visitors. This little guy not only plucks bits out of the fake plants we've hung from the deck, he likes to hop right up to the sliding doors & have a look inside.

A Carolina chickadee & brown-headed nuthatch. The nuthatches are a relatively recent visitor, only appearing in the last few months. I'm very glad to see them, however, as their numbers are in decline (although not formally listed as endangered yet, they're on the Audubon watchlist.)

A tufted titmouse was kind enough to fly up into a tree right in front of me to open his sunflower seed.

Our first chipping sparrow of this year's migration, sharing our main stump with a female cardinal.
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