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Saturday, November 17, 2007

"The Usual" Cardinals

This picture is an example of why I refer to them as "the usual" cardinals. There are 10 here, in addition to 3 mourning doves (click on picture for larger image.) I was unable to get all of "the usual" cardinals in this shot, however--there were at least 7 more off to the right. As previously mentioned, we've had upwards of 20 at a time here, most of which were juveniles we've watched grow up since this past Spring. I know they won't all be around forever--they're already starting to get more territorial & fight with one another--so perhaps I shouldn't take them so for granted, but we humans are good at that...

(Note; By Summer of '08 there were so many cardinals an accurate count became impossible. The highest I managed successfully was 33 at once. After Hurricane Gustav, most of all of "our" birds are gone.)


Julie said...

Have never seen one of these lana -

sometimes have a woodpecker knocking holes in the oaks out the back.

Saw a blue jay in the forests above Santa Fe once...your bird life is very different...and I had no idea black squirrels existed!

Rob said...

Even though we have a rich variety of lovely birds at our place like you do, the cardinals are my favorites ... hands down. They're bigger, more beautiful, and more tolerant of each other, on the NorthShore than they are on the SouthShore. In the fall and winter, when they're out in the CrabAppleLane pines in great numbers waiting for my wife to put out the seed, they remind me of Christmas tree ornaments. However, I think I like them most when they're in the treetops serenading their lovely mates.

Lana said...

Julie; Never seen one!?! Well come on down to Lana's Cardinal Emporium, then! *L* Actually the squirrels in our yard are of the standard local varieties, whatever those are. They're probably coming out dark because I'm still learning how to use this digital camera. <:\ When I lived in Canada there were true black squirrels, although I think that was just a phase they went through. Tonight we saw a little baby squirrel out back--it was too dark for a picture, unfortunately.
We've had a very wide variety of woodpeckers here--my third post on this blog was a complete list of all of the wildlife we've seen since we moved here, if you're interested.

Rob; I love the cardinals, too, I must admit. When we first moved here we only see 2 adult pairs. It was really neat this year watching them bring their broods, feeding them, teaching them to open sunflower seeds, watching the young'ns grow. We were fortunate enough to see much the same with some local blue jays & a brood of red bellied woodpeckers, although we haven't seen any of them in a long time now (the woodpeckers used to be daily visitors, so I wonder where they've gone.)

disa said...


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