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Friday, November 23, 2007

Yesterday's Critters & Last Night's Dream; Disaster Info

A woman was going from trailer to trailer for information on the local area. There’d recently been some kind of disaster. A woman at one of the trailers clearly didn't care, didn't want to help the other woman.

The trailers in this dream were more akin to vending trailers (like you see at fairs & special events,) than FEMA trailers, although the disaster part is reminiscent of the latter.
Yesterday, possibly owing to the extreme number of birds we had at our feeders (upwards of 30 or so,) a variety of different ones were kind enough to perch on nearby tree branches, allowing me to snap this chipping sparrow up close in all his glory. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards I was able to snap 4 squirrels meeting for lunch at Chez Lana, too. As it was Thanksgiving, however, I allowed them a short meal before chasing them off.


Steve Malley said...

I do miss squirrels. Snakes, not so much.

Here we have neither...

Enjoy your turkeyriffic feastival!!

Lana said...

Steve; Miss squirrels? MISS squirrels?!? Are you MAD? I only wish I could "MISS" squirrels! *LOL* I know you don't have snakes from a previous visit I had down your way. I think I'd miss them--but the gluttonous rat bastard SQUIRRELS! ARRRRGH! ;)

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