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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Katrina Leftovers at Bayou Lacombe

On our way to a wildlife refuge today, we got sidetracked around Bayou Lacombe somewhere...

I'm often struck by the seemingly precise geometry to be found in nature;

We discovered 3 houses that had been hastily abandoned in the face of Hurricane Katrina & were never returned to again. Wandering around the area felt like exploring a post-apocalyptic world quickly being overtaken by nature.

Long-dead turtle along side an abandoned, algae-filled pool.

More than 2 years after Katrina; blue tarps still on the roof.

Unused & overgrown tree swing. Out back we also found a clay pigeon launcher (with the top clay pigeon in the stack sun-bleached,) & a debris filled rowboat near the river.

Among the piles of abandoned belongings, the dart in the board seemed to suggest a particularly hasty exit.

On our way out of this area, an immature bald eagle swooped so low & close over the hood of my car that we almost hit it with the windshield. It was huge, with at least a 6' wingspan. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready, so the memory will have to suffice.


Charles Gramlich said...

I think that was one of the most interesting parts of our day, to me. The combination of wilderness and abandoned houses. Something about it was fascinating.

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