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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lake Ramsay

I found another local nature spot online today, so we went to check it out. Much of it is typical of the longleaf pine savannah of our area. I'm glad to see the Nature Conservancy doing so much for these local ecosystems. As you can see, the day started out rather gray.
There were chickadees & other small birds, but I hadn't brought our binoculars. I got pictures of a hairy woodpecker & various water birds. There were also plenty of tracks; raccoon, deer, dog, some kind of bird & this relatively intact spinal cord (probably from a coyote or small deer);

As our hike progressed, the skies broke & cleared;

We saw quite a few of these very strange fungi.
If you can identify them, please do;


Erik Donald France said...

Cool shots. What critter did the spinal cord belong to?

Marvin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marvin said...

Lake Ramsey looks like a really interesting place.

I have no idea about the mushrooms, but if you want to go through the hassle of joining and figuring out their system, Mushroom Observer will give you an ID. No obligation; I just thought I'd pass along the link.

(Sorry about mucking up your comments with the deletion, but when I previewed my comment the link I'd included looked fine. It was all messed up in the post, though. You'll just have to copy and paste if you're interested in the site.)

Charles Gramlich said...

Really weird fungi for sure. I've never seen anything like them. Very alien looking.

Lana Gramlich said...

Erik; Maybe a coyote or small deer. I don't really know.

Marvin; Thanks for the link! I'll have to give it a shot. (NP on the deletion. :)

Charles; Yes! They remind me of Star Trek.

disa said...

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