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Monday, December 3, 2007

Last Night's Dream; Love & Snow, Terrorism, Buddhism, Lunar NM & Electrolytes

I was with Charles outside at night. It started snowing. An old boyfriend came into my life. Soon I decided to leave Charles to marry them. He wasn’t terribly upset about it. I figured we’d been married such a short time we could probably get an annulment. After hanging out with the other guy for a while I felt badly about my decision, realized I should stay married to Charles & I knew the reason why. Without hesitation I went back to explain my realization to Charles, who took me back (to my relief!) It started snowing, again. Later I reported potential terrorism to someone at an airport. They sent me to a tent city nearby & told me to pick out whatever I’d like. Things were somewhat disorganized; on tables, in boxes, loose in piles on the ground. All of it belonged to other people, however. Most of the stuff had to do with Buddhism--many of the papers were other peoples’ certificates of Buddhism. I didn’t take anything, as it just wasn’t right. Yet later I saw a New Mexico style flag, but in white & blue instead of red & yellow. I assumed it was the lunar version. Even later I explained to someone that electrolytes (like in Gatorade,) are just sodium & potassium.

Many people think that dreams typically exhibit wish-fulfillment goals. Although this is possible, it doesn't happen often (at least in my case.) My recent dreams about being mad at C.G. & the one above are NOT representative of wish-fulfillment goals. They are symbolic portrayals related to other things going on in my life & in no way accurately represent my real life relationship with my husband.


Julie said...

I remembered my waking dreams last night for the first time in ages - and they were very different to before I started blogging. They were an admix of chance occurrences to do with things I've noticed, don't usually dream of crowd scenes!
Your deserted porch appeared in it with four Australian mechanics sitting on it at one point.

I've been reading about pgo spikes (arousal reflex) and the theory that dreams are there to finish off unfinished stimulus during the day in metaphoric mode, (only frame of reference the brain has) so the brain can process it. Dream length doubles in depression and assoc pgo spikes heighten when graphed; hence exhaustion on waking as brain chemicals are being depleted rather than restored in slow wave sleep.
Advice is to avoid stressing out.

This is based on recent sleep research; does it ring any bells with what you've read?

Lana said...

Julie; *LOL @ Australian mechanics.* As far as dreams "finishing off" unfinished stimuli from the day, that seems somewhat likely to me, if only because I so often have at least something from my waking day turn up in that night's dream on a fairly regular basis. I'd agree w/the avoiding stressing out in any case, as stress is just bad all around. I'd wonder about the effects of antidepressants w/peoples' dreams, however, as some of the older ones also doubled as sleeping pills (making waking a painfully slow experience.) I haven't done much research in that area, personally, although I've suffered depression in the past, myself. I know sometimes I wake still tired, but I also know that's the price of lucid dreaming. In choosing to maintain a certain level of consciousness throughout my dream cycles, I'm probably not getting the full, restful night's sleep that I should. Every so often I capitulate, however, & push lucid dreaming aside in favor of a good night's sleep.

Charles Gramlich said...

I appreciate that last paragraph.

Lana said...

Charles; You have nothing to fear, shnookums. *kissy kiss kiss*

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