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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Last Night's Dream; Office, Necklace, Boy & Flying Fish

I was outside of my old manager's office. Through the windows I saw a couple of people (including a pro-football player?) were inside. They waved me in & I took them up on it. The office was small & odd shaped with lots of papers on the walls. Soon my old manager came & I excused myself for lack of room. It took me a minute to figure out how to unlock the door, during which I got a phone call that my necklace was ready. I asked what had been done to it, but the woman on the phone wasn't very helpful. She mentioned that it hadn't been plated. On my way to pick it up I ended up in an outdoor maze of stores, many of them Mexican in style & signage. I stop an ATM outside of a Mexican store. I had trouble & when I asked for help, the Mexican woman indicated that I couldn't get money there. I decided to leave the area, but had trouble finding my way out of the area. I figured it out & ended up in a grassy clearing in the woods. Two men were there with guns, harassing a young boy (6ish) with dark hair & eyes. I got the child away from them, asking what they were doing. They told me the boy was related to a pedophile who they intended to kill. I sat in a low spot free of grass & held the boy in my lap, protecting & consoling him. I told the boy I wouldn't leave him alone. He told me no one had ever been so kind to him. Soon the men left. As we sat there, a bird & a fish flew by together (the fish lower & closer than the bird.) I told others about it & they believed me (I'd thought they’d be incredulous.)

The Mexican stores came from a show I watched last night on human trafficking that featured Mexican cantinas in Houston, TX. Your guess is as good as mine on the rest of it (although I notice that I help a child, where I have trouble getting help for myself.)
The painting above, "Abstract Flowers," was done as part of my discipline ritual. I've slacked off since then, but at the time I was trying to paint every day (at least a little.) Right now I'm almost finished with a painting of an egret. Stay tuned...


Charles Gramlich said...

I like the colors in this painting a lot.

Julie said...

the fish and the bird seem significant somehow - air and water associations?

Thanks for your comments on dreaming - found them interesting. What I read suggested we don't remember all our dreams because we don't usually need to remember them - clearing house process the brain uses?

I'm wondering about doing some painting as I get back into a routine. Hope the egret goes well.

Lana said...

Charles; Thanks, sweetie.

Julie; I'd buy that we don't need to remember all of our dreams. The egret's going nicely, although it looks very simplified. I may throw a few more details into it.

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