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Friday, December 7, 2007

Nature at the Hermitage

Our temperatures went back up into the 80s today, so the green tree frogs have come back out to feast near any outside lights this evening. On the right; "4 rat bastards have lunch." (I'm trying to be more Zen about the squirrels, I swear!)

Close up of a stink bug on the patio door & "chickadee in a tree."

Two cardinal pairs near our lone, unused birdhouse. (I'm not really upset that it's unused, considering the local raccoons, opossums, snakes, etc.) Note; This picture was taken in Summer & doesn't reflect the increasingly leafless views out back these days.

Our forcast low tonight is 63F--with dense fog. Dense fog is my favorite, so I think a night hike's in order...


Julie said...

Forgive me while I curl up laughing.

Can you imagine what its like with a couple of huge English oaks out the back? Utopia....

Wish is was eighty degrees here!
Very cold, grey and raining outside. What snakes do you get?

mon@rch said...

We had temps in the teens last night! 80's would be a vacation to me! So glad the frogs and that came out!

Lana Gramlich said...

Julie; Although we don't have English oaks, we do have laurel oaks, red maples, yaupon holly, longleaf pine & a couple I'm still struggling to identify over a year later.
I think we might get some rain today--it's already cloudy (& still warm.)
In our yard we've only ever seen garter snakes, but in the area we've also seen corn snakes, black racers, copperheads & cottonmouths (the last 2 are quite venomous.)

Mon@rch; I told you...You need to make some excuse to come birding in the South one of these years. ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

I love our animals, even the rat bastards. Although some squirrel and dumplings might not be bad and I do have shells for the 22.

Rob said...

The only birds around here that will readily use bird houses are bluebirds , chickadees, and wrens, Lana. Bluebirds and chickadees prefer their house to be fairly high (10-12ft or so) on a pole of its own with some open space in front. They'll squabble over them and the bluebirds will usually win. Wrens are hit and miss wherever you put them. I haven't had any luck attaching birds houses to trees. Too many critters can get at them. I only have one attached to a tree now. I'd take it down and move it except there's a squirrel that likes to hang out in it. He/she has enlarged the hole over time as needed.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; Make it so. ;)

Rob; I don't think we're going to get into putting up birdhouses as there are too many predators in our area. There are plenty of birds nesting in the area, regardless. We're in the middle of the woods out here, so there's no lack of suitable nesting sites.

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