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Saturday, December 1, 2007

"Old Man and the Sea" & Last Night's Dream; Sundaes, Tiger Attack & the Psychic

I was inside somewhere with mom. She was annoying me to the point of anger. I decided to make some ice cream sundaes. Once they were ready, I took them outside to bring one to someone else. Little did I know I'd gone into a tiger’s enclosure. It ran at me, ferocious, & leapt, reaching with outstretched claws. Fortunately it's paws had tan-colored mitts on them that kept the claws contained. Still, I moved away & hustled out of the enclosure ASAP. When I got where I was going, I ran into Charles, who told me about a dream he'd had. I left him to do something else & ran into a psychic, who said, matter-of-factly, "Charles already told you his dream." Being a skeptic by nature, I was surprised that he knew this. He also told me that Charles would tell me something at 6 or 7am. I looked forward to seeing what it would be.

The part about the psychic was certainly inspired by half-watching the final episode of "America's Psychic Challenge" around 2am.
The painting above is entitled, "Old Man & the Sea." Although it might not be so evident in digital form, there's a face in those waves, like a winking guy with a moustache. I didn't see it until I'd finished painting & turned the canvas upside down. This was gifted to a friend.

Ironically, some recent posts from the Associated Press in the following days;

12/3/07; Tiger killed after 4 villagers mauled to death
NAGPUR, India--A tiger that killed four people and mauled two others in the past six weeks was shot to death by police over the weekend, a forest official in western India said Monday. Angry villagers had demanded that authorities kill the tiger, which had been straying away from the Tadoba-Andhari sanctuary in the western state of Maharashtra since mid-October.

12/4/07; Tiger mauls caretaker at actress’ preserve
LOS ANGELES--A caretaker at Tippi Hedren's animal sanctuary was critically mauled by a Bengal tiger, an attack the actress blamed not on the animal--but on breeders. Chris Orr, 40, was bitten Monday in the neck at Shambala Preserve while cleaning the tiger's cage at the 80-acre wildlife habitat in Acton. He was flown to a hospital in critical but stable condition, said Art Marrujo, a county Fire Department dispatch supervisor.
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