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Thursday, December 6, 2007

St. Tammany Art Rant

In a previous post on my old, harsher blog, I mentioned "Lies the St. Tammany Art Association Told Me." Regardless, I went ahead & joined the group (& sold a painting at a recent show.) Unfortunately I grow increasingly unimpressed with them. Most recently;
1. Their website's suddenly gone. I don't know if part of my dues included the site in any way, but it's loss certainly hurts us all--after all, that's how I found out about the group to begin with.
2. Their blog hasn't been updated since May. Not only are the posts outdated, but the contact info is, as well. For all intents & purposes, this blog might as well not exist at all.
3. Tonight I got spam from another member, advertising a "last minute sale" on their pottery. It appears all the members got it, as she put everyone's address in the "To:" line, further compromising all of our privacy.
4. My painting sold Nov. 17th, at which time I was assured that someone would contact about getting me my money. It's been almost 3 weeks now & no one's said "boo."

I think I'll stop by the gallery this weekend, to ask where my money is, if I can spam the entire member list as well & what their privacy policy is (I'm already somewhat certain the answer to the last will be a blank, vapid stare.)

Update; I found the STAA's new website & updated my link on the right. I contacted them about my money & the spam. I'll get my money when the show's over (in another week or so,) & I'll have to send in a written request about the privacy policy for the board to discuss & reply to (since no one's even reading their e-mails these days, by their own admission.)


Julie said...

Shame, lana - can imagine how frustrating this feels. Had to laugh at the Simpson site. The bird is a new one on me...

Lana Gramlich said...

Julie; That's just the tip of the iceberg w/these cliquey, disorganized people...Yes, quite frustrating. The bird's a new one on me, too. That's quite delightful. :)

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