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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sunset & Last Night's Dream; B&E, Kids Playing

I was with others. We went to a house on the water. The residents weren’t there. We wandered around inside, then went outside. No one was being disrespectful, taking or destroying anything. As I watched ducks in the water near the edge of the property a man & woman approached, wearing coats & carrying grocery bags. They wanted to know what we were doing there. I realized they were the residents & although I commented on the beauty of their place, I let someone else do the explaining. The residents were more understanding than I would have thought. Later I was outside, along side of a building. I’d set up some things that kids were going to come & play with (i.e.; my carefully orchestrated setup was going to be completely destroyed.) Fortunately I was able to get them to reset everything when they were done.

The sunset photo was taken out my living room window while I was in Canada. There's something about the colors in the painting it inspired that plays games with my brain. I quit working on it too early because I had a hard time looking at it. As a result, (although it's still neat,) it didn't come out quite as I would have liked, so I'll probably be reworking it soon. I think the airbrush may come in handy on this one.


Julie said...

That sunset is amazing.

I learned that tonal ranges often have to be adjusted to work in painting - use limited palette. True to life often isn't. Need to come back and look at the last U tube.

Your head-dress is lovely in your photo.

Lana said...

Julie; Thanks. It's one of my favorite pix (although I would have preferred not to have the telephone lines in there.) The headpiece & the shirt I'm wearing were from the local Renaissance festival. My wallet still hurts from that experience. Our wedding was really the 1st time I wore either of them (in 2 years!) Lesson learned; watch out for impulsive shopping. <:\

Erik Donald France said...

Astonishing, really. Wow.

The dream sequences capture dream states well -- the way you write them up. Fascinating.

Lana said...

Erik; Thanks! I do my best to write down my dreams FIRST thing on waking, to maintain as close a description as I can recall. Sometimes the best I can do is jot down a few notes as I race out the door, but I make sure to include enough info to "trigger" fuller memories of the dream later. This takes some practice & sometimes it doesn't even work for me, but I do what I can.

Julie said...

Enjoyed the video - remarkable conservation pictures. I came across your wedding pics when I was looking through Charles' archives - his honest insights into writing have been great, and I want to make the most of them. Your wedding looked special; love the outfit.

Think I saw one of the tall ships from the top of the CN Tower in Toronto.

Lana Gramlich said...

Julie; Rob't Bateman blows my mind all the way around. Prince Charles even has one of his paintings. I almost bought one of his prints years ago for $650 & in retrospect, I wish I'd gone ahead & done it.
The wedding was short & sweet w/only a few guests. Non-stressful, as it SHOULD be, y'know? *L*
Ah, the CN Tower...that brings back memories!

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