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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Birds & Last Night's Dream; Hunted by Men

I was outside, being hunted by 2 men. I couldn't shake them & eventually one of them caught me. I escaped, however, & ran down a line of trees to a low part of ground. It served as good enough cover for a while--I couldn't be seen down the hill from where the man was. I crouched down low & ran along the low ground, perpendicular to the trees. I knew that if the man was following me, he'd soon see me. My eyes scanned the surroundings for more cover, another place to hide, but there was nothing but open, grassy fields. I was caught, again. It turned out that one of the men was my husband. The man that caught me, however, told me he loved me. I burst out crying, because I never knew that & I loved him, too. Later I was walking with him in a mall. Looking up to the 2nd level, I saw a small store a friend of mine had opened. I was glad she had & wished her well. Walking by again soon afterwards, however, I saw that it was now a second hand store. I was bummed that my friend had failed so quickly.

Again, this dream is symbolic & doesn't speak to my relationship with Charles (which is very happy & healthy.)
Both this & yesterday's dreams include an element of marriage. Although there was an essense of physical danger at the beginning of this dream (like yesterday's decapitation,) it turned out to be nothing. This is usually the case in my dreams--95% of the time I perceive some kind of danger or trouble, it amounts to nothing. Although this can easily reflect worrying too much in "real" life for no good reason, I don't tend to worry about much at all. I consider worry a waste of time & energy that solves nothing.

The top picture is from this morning. In addition to the "usual" cardinals, goldfinches, doves, sparrows, etc., I was fortunate enough to get this blue jay & red-winged blackbird in one shot. The blackbirds are a very recent (& still somewhat rare,) visitor. At the same time, I had about 50 robins hopping around the front yard looking for bugs.
The bottom picture is from this past weekend. It's a pine warbler, another rare visitor. I'd assumed it was one of the goldfinches, but once I downloaded the picture I was able to see I was wrong. I love when that happens.


Demon Hunter said...

Beatiful pictures once again. The old house I like in as a teenager used to attract humming birds. They fed from this particular tree we had. I wished that I had taken pictures, but it was so common to see them almost every day, I thought nothint of it---then.

Lana Gramlich said...

DH; Hummingbirds are really cool. We do get some on occasion--they come up to the deck to check out my red candle holders, thinking they're feeders. I don't feed them because I'm deathly allergic to bees, which hummingbird feeders seem to attract en masse. There's a huge, annual hummingbird festival in our little town, so I can rest assured that they're being cared for elsewhere.

oldmanlincoln said...

Yes, you can do a link or blog roll if you wish; and that would be nice.

The red twig you named is correct; and we call them "red twig dogwood" because of the color and these are or have varigated leaves or white edged. Now and then when I make new plants, I will get one that reverts back to the natural green leaf color; or, sometimes one will be half of each.

I have been doing this since 1963. And unfortunately, the one I started with has this disease and I keep making clones of it or the plant so none of these last forever before the limbs begin to turn black and die back.

Thanks for the visit and your comments.

I enjoyed reading your post today and looking at your pictures.

T.R. said...

Your dreams and images are so rich - I enjoy reading of the adventures they take you on. I get sad when I go through long periods of time not being able to remember my dreams. I get the sense that wherever you are sleeping at night is quite the "energy" spot - I imagine something like those Sedona vortexes.

Travis said...

It is quite fascinating to me that both you and Charles remember your dreams in such vivid detail. This rarely happens for me.

Lana Gramlich said...

Lincoln; Neat on the half & half colored leaves. Sorry to hear about the disease--they're such a lovely plant! Thanks for stopping by again. I'll add you to my roll shortly.

T.R.; Your mention of Sedona brings back memories. I left my heart in Boynton Canyon. Sometimes I have to take a break from paying attention to dreams just to catch up on sleep. When I'm lucid I'm partly-conscious (at least,) which means I'm not getting a nice, deep sleep. The dreams are entertaining, though!

Travis; It seems to come quite naturally to Charles. I spent quite a bit of time & effort getting to this point. I used to be in your camp ("this rarely happens,") but where attention goes, energy flows. If you have the time & energy to invest, you too can remember more about your dreams.

Marvin said...

I usually remember dreams only to the extent that I know I had one.

Congratulations on your "new" avian visitors.

I always chuckle when I read a reference to robins being a sign of spring, especially when I've got a yard full during the middle of the winter.

Miladysa said...

Lovely photographs.

Another interesting dream too.

It reminded me of a recurring dream I have. In my dream I am a Chinese lady and I live with two men! One is European and I think the other is either American or Canadian. In the dream we live in a port which I think is somewhere in Indonesia. Very strange ;)

Lana Gramlich said...

Marvin; I'm only getting used to robins (& so many others) as Winter birds, myself. Dang my Yankee blood! ;)

Miladysa; Interesting dream! Any thoughts on what it might mean?

Miladysa said...

Nope - wish I did - and that I could also speak Chinese when awake :)

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