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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gorge & Last Night's Dream; Name Changes

I'd gathered up some small things & others came to see them. Somehow the things got away from us & we had to look for them. Eventually I realized that they were being referred to with different names. Then a young girl (about 8,) changed her name.

The picture is of the Niagara Gorge in Summer.


Steve Malley said...

Oooohh, purty... :-)

This dream-diary thing is cool!

Charles Gramlich said...

Great pic of the Gorge.

Sheila said...

the pictures on your blog are so beautiful!

Bernita said...

That's gorge-ous.

Julie said...

Remember this - is there a power station at one point?

Lana Gramlich said...

Thanks, all!

Bernita; Har har--good one!

Julie; The picture was taken just downriver of the whirlpool, the power stations (on both sides,) are a bit farther downriver. Years ago I worked for Canadian Niagara Power & had access to the most amazing places (they even let me walk out onto the Int'l Control Dam to take a picture.)

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