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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Last Night's Dream; Drum Jam & Weird Man

Charles was getting ready to throw an old cob of corn for the critters. I offered to loan my drums & bag of percussion instruments to a small group. A young woman in charge said it wasn’t necessary, but I did it anyway & they seemed grateful. Soon I realized that I’d forgotten my djembe. Considering that's my main drum, I felt like an idiot for forgetting it. I offered to go home & get it, but was told that wasn't necessary, either. The group got down to playing. Soon a tall, awkward man approached & hit on me. There was something innately untrustworthy about him. He persisted, regardless of my lack of interest. Eventually I went over to Charles & told him about it, seeking his help. He made the man go away. When the group was finished drumming they gave me my stuff back, including an ashiko.

Although I don't have an ashiko in "real" life, I was aware in the dream that it was supposed to represent my djembe (pron. "JIM-bay,") which is the tallest drum pictured above. According to Eric Cartman I must be a g*d damn hippie (actually I was at a drum circle when "Die Hippie, Die" first aired. Go figure!)
The man who hit on me reminds me of a pedophile who did a similar thing to me many years ago. Fortunately we were in a very busy mall, so there wasn't anything he could do.

The picture includes all of my current drums & etc. percussion instruments. I also used to have a larger djembe, but I sold it about a year ago. I used to enjoy attending drum circles in & around New Orleans. Here on the Northshore there are no drum groups. I've tried getting something going previously, but too many Louisianians are all talk/no action, so I gave up.
These days the bursitis in my shoulder pretty much prevents me from playing anymore, unless I'm having a particularly pain-free day, in which case I may play a little either with Charles (who typically uses one of the hand drums on the floor,) or along with some of my Celtic CDs.
I really wish the doctor would give me the cortizone shot that would end the pain but he won't, so instead I miss drumming (& dozens of other things.)


Miladysa said...

Ohh I am full of questions! But first, I am sorry to hear about the shoulder and hope the pain eases for you.

OK on to the questions :)

1. How did the dream leave you feeling?
2. Why will the Doctor not let you have the injection (if this is too nosey a question I apologise and will happily be ignored :))

The drums remind me of my Celtic heritage and particularly of nights spent listening to music in Dublin ;)

Lana Gramlich said...

miladysa; Here are your answers...
1. Like 99% of my dreams, I woke from this one feeling pretty neutral.
2. I suspect my Dr.'s hesitant to give me the shot because it's a temporary fix that degrades in effectiveness over time. Yet he had no qualms last year prescribing a medicine with the listed side effect; "death due to lung failure within 6 months of stopping medication." To be honest I'm not impressed with my Dr. & considering the US medical anti-system, it's just easier to die than deal with the ineptitude & BS.
I appreciate your sympathy. The bursitis has been effecting everything from sleep to work for at least a year & a half now. It even hurts just to get dressed in the morning, but my "doctor" actually laughed at me when I told him about the pain & problems I was having. That was rich.
The drum on the floor on the left in the photo is actually a Irish (& Celtic) bodhran I bought for Charles. Although I got some lessons from a pro, I think traditional bodhran playing is just beyond me.

Miladysa said...

Thank you for the answers.

I understand your frustration with the Doctor and also the medication! I have a medical condition that causes me pain as well as high blood pressure. Surgery and medication were supposed to be the solution (according to the Doc) but alas I still have both.

Have to take the medication for the BP but have changed my lifestyle and refused any further surgery.

It won't kill me but it's a pain to live with HA! HA! Got to laugh ;)

Lana Gramlich said...

miladysa; Sorry to hear of your pain & troubles, too. *hugs* I wish there were easy answers.

ivan said...

I'm no expert on dream analysis, but maybe you're frustrated with the shoulder pain represented by the threatening stranger?

Marvin said...

So you think there's something wrong with the health care system in the good old U. S. of A.? {{{Stifles Snicker}}}

You're much too young to stuck with that degree of lingering pain. :-(

oldmanlincoln said...

Hello and thanks for stopping to see some of my bird pictures. You said you came over from marvin's place. I see marvin, is just above me.

My bird place is one place the other is under brookville daily photo. If you click on my name you can see the choices.

Pain. I would change doctors. In this time period we live in you should not have to suffer through pain. At least our doctors tell us that. We are both old people and I just found out, with blood testing that I have rheumatoid arthritis and it is painful, like: "call 911 my thumb is killing me" one day to no pain whatsoever the next. My wife has the other kind of arthritis. Have had bursitis and my wife has had it too. It comes and goes and we take Motrin for it (with food). I had it so bad in my shoulder the last time that I couldn't lift my arm up. Went to the hospital for surgery, came out and one day realized the bursitis was gone.

My wife has a bum knee and sometimes gets a cortizone shot in it for that and she feels like a new woman but the problem with those shots is that is can do a little more damage each time you get it. So there comes a time when the doctors don't like to give them.

Abraham Lincoln

Erik Donald France said...

Cool dreams and drum kits, for sure.

Bursitis sounds like a real drag -- I wonder if computers contribute at all? Feeling sore at times myself, not sure if it's "natural aging" or pounding away at a laptop, an occupational hazard of library research and writing . . .

Crayons said...

Hi Lana,
I'm sorry you are having to deal with this on-going pain. You seem too young for that.

I'm inspired by your love of percussion. I like that photo of our instruments. They seem to bring you real joy.

Travis said...

It sucks when pain keeps you from doing something you love.

Lana Gramlich said...

Ivan; The drum part of the dream was certainly brought on by the fact that I'd considered doing a little drumming just the night before. As for the strange man, I suspect that he represented part of me, part that I kind of "cut off" years ago to protect myself from the craziness I was surviving at the time. That part still rears it's head in my dreams, seeking reintegration. Eventually I'll get there, but I'm not quite there yet. At least that part is no longer a screaming, murderous monster, like it used to be.

Marvin; Once I get my new health insurance card I may try to seek some kind of relief somewhere. It's just that I'm already on my 3rd or 4th doctor since moving here & still haven't found a competant one yet. I figure there's got to be one...somewhere...maybe...

Lincoln; Thanks for the insight on the cortizone shots. My "doctor" overbooks patients to the point where he doesn't have time to listen & treat my concerns, much less explain the whys & wherefores of what he's doing. <:\
Sorry about the arthritis, certainly! That's a horrible thing to have to deal with. Makes my bursitis seem like a walk in the park, really. I can sympathize with not being able to lift your arm. I've been there, too.

Erik; The drums were also a great way to relieve stress. Mad at the boss? Imagine his face on the drumhead. Annoyed at traffic? Beat it out.
In my case, in retrospect, I just really overused that shoulder for most of the last 15 years. I carried everything up there (cases of beer for mom, etc.,) I slept with that arm up under my head, etc., etc. The bursitis finally kicked in during our last move (more heavy boxes up there,) & has never gone away. Had I known I was headed down this road, I would have been more kind to that shoulder. Hindsight sucks.

Caroline; I've always been musically inclined. Besides my current percussion collection, I still have a guitar & 2 recorders. I play the recorders now & again, but I've long lost the finger callouses, so the guitar doesn't see much play time anymore. Still, nice to pluck out a little Pink Floyd on the deck now & again. I also have perfect pitch, so I used to sing (& still do, typically while washing dishes.) Many years ago I used to play a "traditional" drum kit (the kind rock bands typically have.) The hand drums were the most fun, however, as it doesn't take much skill or talent to be able to bang out a rhythm, so it's easier to share with others.

Travis; You got that right. I'll just have to knuckle down & find a working solution one of these days. I just hate dealing with the inept system. *sigh*

Charles Gramlich said...

we need to take you to a different doctor now that the insurence is taken care of.

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