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Friday, January 11, 2008

Last Night's Dream; Rollercoaster, $500 in Change & John Bunnell

Something about an unusual rollercoaster (like a wild mine ride.) Afterwards I was buying something from an old woman & only had a $500 bill. I doubted she could break it, but when I asked she said yes & took it from me as though insulted. She gave me change in Canadian loonies. At first I thought that was ridiculous, but soon I realized it wouldn't be so bad. Later John Bunnell was doing something unusual (like ballet dancing or something.)

Today's picture is of a goldfinch at my sunflower feeder, with a chickadee & nuthatch flying in. At some point I'm going to play more with the ISO (or maybe "sports") settings on my digital camera & see if I can't sharpen up these movement shots.


Travis Erwin said...

Timely. A group of us at work was talking about 500 dollar bills just the other day.

Lana Gramlich said...

travis; Funny how that happens, eh? I talked about the Rubik's cube with a coworker yesterday, then saw a Rubik's cube cake on a blog a few minutes later. Some years ago I had a few days of strange synchronicities involving the movie "King Kong vs. Godzilla." I mean, what are the odds?

Birdfreak said...

I like bird shots full of action like this, it is how they are in real life! I am writing a post that involves Canadian loonies right now (for next week), how about that? :-)

Lana Gramlich said...

birdfreak; Irony all around today! *L*

Miladysa said...

That little birdie looks like he/she is posing for you ;)

Strange dream - at least it seemed that way to me :)

Marvin said...

Nice variety and action at the bird feeder.

Lana Gramlich said...

miladysa; I was standing outside on my deck when I took the picture, which tends to make the birds nervous, which may be why the goldfinch is keeping an eye toward me.
If you think that was a strange dream, you ain't seen nothin' yet! *L*

marvin; Thank you. I was pleased to see the shot once I got it downloaded.

Charles Gramlich said...

I still have a loonie from my first visit to you in Canada. awwwwww!

Lana Gramlich said...

charles; Awwwwww. *kissy kiss*

Q said...

Dear Lana,
I began another dream journal for 2008. I like writing my dreams down and maybe finding inspiration.
It is delightful to see your birds.
I bet you have different ones come to your area than come to my backyard in Missouri.
I sit on my deck and watch the birds come and go too. The best daytime show is in my backyard.
Your painting is very beautiful!
Looking forward to getting to know you.

Lana Gramlich said...

Q; I like writing down dreams for a wide variety of reasons. The entire subject is fascinating to me.
Thanks for the kind words on our birds. I'm sure we have at least some different ones, being in a subtropical climate. There are a lot of "usual" suspects that bridge different ecosystems, however. A lot of birds I'd see in Canada winter down here (goldfinches, for example,) so I still see them, too.
Thanks for the kind words on the painting, as well. I'd given it up for about 10 years but got back into it about a year ago. Art & I seem to have a long standing love/hate relationship.

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