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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Last Night's Dream; Building & Book

I was in a building (a library?) between 2 roads (with no sidewalks or yard space.) I was getting ready to leave with others when I realized I'd left all the blinds open. Afraid that people could look in, see things they wanted & subsequently break in, I went back inside to close the blinds. Then I got into the car with the others & as we left there was some concern about a missing book.

This dream is work related, not only in the missing book, but in that we have to close the blinds at our library every evening. It's also on a corner ("between 2 roads," in a way.)
(Update; As of late Feb., we discovered that someone'd stolen some juvenile DVDs from our library.)


Julie said...

The video is priceless - made me laugh out loud when they were sparring - thanks for posting that!

Thanks for the virtual hug as well. It's easy with this to misjudge lifting 'normal' weights as it eases up, unfortunately!

Hope you're both having a good weekend, and look forward to seeing video clips of the birds.
I shot a first video recently as well, but of a pool game.

Miladysa said...

I hate dreaming of work! lol

Lana Gramlich said...

Julie; I'm glad you enjoyed the video as much as I did. Please do be careful with your back. I don't know if there are "normal" weights when it comes to back problems. <:( Feel better soon.

Miladysa; At least I wasn't at work, per se, but rather leaving it. ;) Not to mention that I actually like this stress-free job (as opposed to my last, stress-filled one,) so it could certainly have been worse!

Michelle's Spell said...

That's a cool work dream! I haven't had any of those in a long time -- I used to have lifeguarding dreams all the time because I do believe the sun started to make me a little crazy and infiltrate all my waking and non-waking moments. Thanks for the site suggestion -- definitely enjoyed it!

Erik Donald France said...

You know, I rarely mind when a book is missing if it's replaceable. Someone somewhere is reading!

In grad. school in Philly, I had tons of books in my car. Someone broke in and plucked nothing but jumper cables -- books intact. Actually made me chuckle.

Lana Gramlich said...

Michelle; Work is typically such a big part of peoples' lives, whether they enjoy their jobs or not. It's no wonder it comes up in dreams.

Erik; Unfortunately when we have books missing at our library it's because people seem to be too stupid to remember where they got them from & they'll shove them back wherever. As a result, someone's NOT reading it, even if they want to, because we can't find it. This is a peeve of mine, but if it weren't for those people, I guess I wouldn't have a job. My assigned section is non-fiction. Every time I get it all back in order, I simply start all over again. If only people would just leave unwanted books on the table (or heck, even on the FLOOR.) At least we could find & reshelve them properly then.
Of course, if this is my biggest problem at work, I've got it pretty good! :)

Donnetta Lee said...

Could the roads be the directions of your life? Maybe symbols hiding in the guise of work? Someone peeking in? Who's looking? A missing book? Or a missing life story? Just posing questions. Things to think about. Hope you guys are well. I haven't been out and about much lately but will try to catch up!

Donnetta Lee said...

Lana: I just watched the YouTube video. How absolutely precious. Really enjoy it. Made me smile.

Lana Gramlich said...

Donnetta; Glad to see you--I've been thinking about you & hoping things are well. We're still good & happy, thanks for asking!
I haven't had much time to do much interpretation lately, I must admit. Thanks for the suggestions.
It's really something how those "natural enemies" are the best of friends! People could really learn a lesson from the animals.

disa said...

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