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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunset Boardwalk & Last Night's Dream; Another Wedding & Pretzel

Charles & I ended up stranded among wealthy people. Fortunately we had some nice clothes to wear, so we blended in. We ran into B & J.C., who were getting remarried. They were delighted to see us & invited us to the ceremony. We were happy to accept. Later I went to a pretzel stand run by 2 women. While waiting I managed to get a pretzel. I wiped off much of the salt & started eating it. The man in front of me finished his transaction & left. A young woman came up & the cashier asked what she wanted. As I’d been standing there, waiting patiently, I got mad & started hollering at the cashier (around a mouthful of pretzel.) I realized how petty I was being. After all, I already had a pretzel, but I figured; what if I’d wanted another one? Don’t they want the money for the one I have, at least? Regardless, I didn’t apologize to the cashier or the young woman, instead maintaining my bad attitude about the situation.

Yet another wedding, but this time I had something to wear (& Charles was with me.)
B & J.C. are friends of mine in Southern California who lost everything in the wildfires. I sent them a care package a little while ago, but they remain in my thoughts. They've been married a very long time & are still very happy together. I'm glad to know of a couple who not only stand the test of time, but are still crazy about each other so far down the road.
The pretzel thing may actually stem from my childhood. Considering I'm only 4'11" tall now, I was very much a runt as a child. As a result, I was constantly overlooked & spent lots of time at counters, waiting for service that wouldn't come (until Dad came over & freaked out on someone.) These days it still really annoys me when people cut into lines, even if it doesn't effect me directly.

The picture is from yet another walk (the other day) at the Abita Creek Flatwoods Preserve. I love living so close to this place!


Marvin said...

The looks like another fine place for walking and exploring nature, though it does look as if the mosquitoes might be a problem during much of the year.

Lana Gramlich said...

Marvin; I have to say--mosquitoes were a much bigger problem in Canada than they are here, possibly because they spray for them here. There've been a few mosquitoes once or twice, but nothing like I used to encounter in Canada. Rather refreshing (& somewhat surprising,) that!

Lisa said...

Mmmmm . . . .I REALLY want a pretzel now! :)
Gorgeous gorgeous picture. I love the golden light!

Lana Gramlich said...

Lisa; Superpretzels are actually pretty good, if the stores carry them in your area.
I loved the light, too. It was a lovely little hike.

Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, this is a great pic. I really love that time of day.

Church Lady said...

I LOVE this photo!!
I would enlarge and frame it.

Cheri said...

I was reading your post and coming up with different names for B & J.C. Here is a short list-

Beatrix and Jean-Claude
Bob and Jim Carrey
Bill and John Cusack

and my personal favorite

Borat and Jesus Christ

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; Not as much as I love you.

Church Lady; Feel free, if you'd like. Personally I ran out of wall space a while back. <:\

Cheri; *LOL* I was going to refer to "B & J.C." by their last name, "the Cottons," but I figured that just sounded too weird & people would assume I was talking about t-shirts or tablecloths.

Kate S said...

Love the photo!

Funny, I was wanting a nice, big soft pretzel today. Now I want one evern more. :)

Lana Gramlich said...

Kate; Thanks & me, too.

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