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Friday, January 25, 2008

Wednesday Night's Dream

I was outside, walking with Charles. We came upon some kind of ride with double tracks painted black. I thought it was a roller coaster, so we decided to take a ride. It turned out to be a very tame ride which would carry two people to a different area, where one got to pretend to shoot the other with a rifle at close range. Later I sat on the ground, opened some used rolling papers & calmly set them on fire. A group of young people were nearby & made some stupid joke about me. It didn't bother me--I just thought they were pathetic. Soon I got up to go to someone's apartment. The young people were trying to intimidate that person, primarily by leaving signs that they'd been there; ivy painted on a wall, newspapers stuffed down in a crevasse between furniture and the wall. I wasn't intimidated & started removing the newspaper.

The intimidation towards the end (& perhaps even the close range shooting earlier,) was inspired by an article I read about the "stop snitching" culture before bed.

Note; I've added more info to yesterday's post (at the bottom,) now that I have some time to catch up (finally!)


Miladysa said...

Go girl - don't let them intimidate you!

Do you write you dreams down as soon as you wake Iana?

Michelle's Spell said...

The dream is very evocative. What's the gist of the article you were reading? (Or what's the source?) I'm intrigued by the idea of a "stop snitching" culture.

Charles Gramlich said...

Any ride I would take with you would be an exciting one, sweetness.

Lana Gramlich said...

Miladysa; I aim to write them all down as soon as I wake (& most of the time I'm successful in that,) but sometimes it has to wait until later. In that case, I make sure to set the dream firmly in memory (& will try to jot down at least a few notes ASAP.)

Michelle; There article is here. If you Google "stop snitching" you'll get a whole lot more info, of course.

Charles; Of course, sugardumplins. That's how I knew it was a dream. :)

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