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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Doves & Friday's Dream; Misunderstanding

I got a hold of a friend on the phone & he came by. I asked him to get me something. I waited for him on the sidewalk between a road & a parking lot. Soon he pulled up & I leaned in the passenger's side window. Unfortunately the thing he got me was $75, which was more that I was comfortable paying (although I did.) Charles saw us together & assumed we were cheating on him. When I was with him later, it took him a while to reveal this & I kept insisting that nothing was going on (because it wasn't.)

Here I'm waiting on a ride from someone else again, indicating a dependency, a lack of control over my own life. I'm also between a road (indicating movement,) & a parking lot (indicating non-movement.)

Although there's always at least a few doves around, today there was at least a dozen. The top picture shows one trying to get away from another--the poor thing got chased all over the yard.


ChristineEldin said...

Interesting. But the parking lot to me is a temporary stopping place. You can park wherever you want and leave whenever you want. It's not a cage, so even though it's non-movement, it's not being trapped. You are in control of the movement, but are choosing to stop.
That's my intepretation (unasked for, sorry!)

Love the photo in your next post of Lake Ontario. It's beautiful!!

Lana Gramlich said...

Chris; I appreciate the input, but I wasn't trying to indicate entrapment/full stop forever with the "non-movement" comment. It's clearly not a trap, but a choice, particularly as I'm between the lot & the road. The lack of control is seen moreso in my dependence on someone else here. Ultimately I don't even have a car, so although I seek movement (& a "thing,") I must rely on someone else to accomplish it.
I have more control over my life now than ever, too, so perhaps, rather than "lack of control," these things can be seen as "unwilling to 'go the distance,'" or a lack of "drive," so to speak. It could even be more mundane than that, considering that both Charles & I have become total homebodies since I bought our house. We love it so much we don't like to leave it unless we HAVE to (or we want to hike.) If I could get someone else to run my errands, I sure would!
Thanks for the kind words on the photo. :)

disa said...


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