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Sunday, February 24, 2008

LND & Astronomically speaking...

Another picture from yesterday's hike.

Last night's dream;
I was in a store with others. A rack of movies was disorganized, a woman had tilted it so that some had fallen on the floor. I picked them up & put them back. One was "Jaws," which had a brown leather case. Soon afterward I found another "Jaws" (in a regular case.) Now there was no room for it--I had to readjust all of the rest of the movies to fit it in. I went out onto a patio to speak with someone. Over their shoulder I saw that the distant sky was virtually black--a bad storm was coming. Soon a couple of other, new, young men came to the patio. They were Canadian, so I asked them where they were from. They said they were from Niagara Falls, across the street from (something.) I told them that besides a year in Toronto, I spent most of my 18 Canadian years in Pt. Colborne. They were familiar with it & through this common ground, we hit it off very well. To the right of our patio, a neighboring man was abusing & insulting a woman. She had to lift a huge, heavy, yellow pole (that had come from the locomotive industry.) The man was going to install it in his yard & chain the woman to it. None of us had any power over him & his wicked decision. I went back inside to relax. A woman asked me to go with her to get a (disposable?) camera. Although I declined, she didn't accept that answer & I ended up going with her, regardless. We had to get something else, too. She drove to a nearby store. Inside was a rack of overpriced snack cakes. I made a humorous comment about the exorbitant price of their devil dogs & twinkies & everyone in the area laughed. The person running the store tried to convince me that the high price was due to taxes, but I wasn't buying it. Somehow I fell to the floor. Before I could get up, the evil, neighboring man from earlier came running toward me, chased by one of the young Canadians. The Canadian was thwarted somehow (I think he fell, too.) I managed to reach out & trip up the bad guy, which made me a hero. The woman he had chained to the yellow locomotive pole at his place could be released & he wouldn't be causing anymore problems. We went back to the store. A bunch of our people were sitting & standing around, watching the movie "Rollercoaster" on TV. I said, "How fun--watching someone else at an amusement park." The others laughed in agreement.

The movies are probably here because we realized late last week that someone's stealing the DVDs (particularly juvenile level,) from the library I work at. As a result, we spent most of Friday afternoon rearranging things to move them closer to our desk. It makes me sick to my stomach! They're free to check out as much as you like, but some loser has to flat out steal them!
Jaws may be my favorite "monster" movie of all time & may appear here because of Roy Scheider's recent demise. Years later, author Peter Benchley admitted that had he forseen the shark slaughter that this movie would inspire, he would never have allowed his book to be made into a film. Hindsight is 20/20, yet again.
The snack cakes are probably here because we did groceries yesterday & bought some. I also scooped a couple boxes of mint Girl Scout cookies from the troop outside the store. Mmmmmmm.
A lot of falling to the floor in the dream, including the movies off of the rack, me, the Canadian man & the evil neighbor man. There are also 2 racks; one of the movies & one of snack cakes.
I'm at stores in dreams through the next couple of nights, as well.
A shoulder & "running," come up again in tomorrow's dream.
A yellow, metal item appears again in Feb. 27th's dream, taxes reappear on the 28th & the amusement park shows up again on the 29th.
I'm not often a popular character in my own dreams, so it's nice to be a hero (& a funny one, at that,) for a change.

Astronomically speaking...
Tonight; Saturn is at opposition (meaning we're directly between it & the Sun, basically, & it will appear at its brightest.) This site provides some good info about it. If you have a telescope, tonight would be a good night to use it.
Mon., 2/24/08; Mercury is in conjunction with Venus. This will be an early morning event & often Mercury is so close to the horizon that it can't be seen. You may want to give it a shot, however. They'll both be toward the east. Venus will look like a bright, unblinking star.
Thurs., 2/28/08; Last quarter (aka; 3/4) Moon.


liz said...

I'm amazed and impressed that you can recall what you dream. Try as I might, mine elude me in the daylight hours. Nice blog!

Lana Gramlich said...

Liz; Thank you for your kind comment. I spent quite a bit of time & effort working on recalling dreams. Now it's one of my favorite activities (& it's free--you can't beat that!)

Travis Erwin said...

We should all get to be the hero every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

REM sleep said: Your dreams are fascinating and thanks for posting the astronomy info. You have an excellent combination of "inner" and "outer" worlds here. Congrats!

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; Agreed.

REM Sleep; Thank you. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. My hero.

Demon Hunter said...

Fascinating dream. sorry to hear about someone stealing movies from your library. That's so mean of them.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; No, you!

DH; The stealing is completely ridiculous & really bothers me. Whoever's doing it needs to be off my planet!

natural woman said...

I like this picture a lot Lana. Keep up the great work!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Cool pic as always - the DVD's must be a pain - kids selling them on?

Lana Gramlich said...

Natural Woman; Thanks again. :)

Julie; Probably not...probably just keeping them for themselves.

Larry said...

I used to be into astronomy but gave my telescope to my niece.-I think I'll try to get a peak of Saturn with my spotting scope.-I'm a little late reading this but I'm sure it's still around.

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