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Thursday, February 28, 2008

LND; Bike Repair, Land Fees & Royals

I was on a small motorcycle with 2 headlights (side by side,) only one of which worked. I came to a "T" in the road. T.D. was there & made me stop. After a quick manipulation or two, he fixed the 2nd headlight. He then gestured that I needed to head toward the right, which I did. As I drove away, I thought he was more mechanically apt than T.P. Later I was with many other people on a large, beautiful, manicured piece of land that Mom owned. A man came over to tell me that the fees/taxes on the land were $1000. I knew she'd be mad about it. When I broke the news to her she admitted having lied. She told me that she'd been paying a fraction of what she should have been by telling them she was only 26. She seemed resolved to pay the higher fees now. Later I seemed to be in the same area, but now there was a lot of British royalty around (none of whom were recognizable.) The Rolling Stones were coming to play. My Aunt showed up with an underwater camera. I briefly wondered if it was stolen, thinking it probably was. She handed it to me, asking me to get a picture of her with Keith Richards. I agreed, but once he showed up they moved into a very busy, dark area. There was a lot of chaos, but soon I was able to get them into a lighter area to shoot the picture. Afterwards I went inside, into a room where the King & other royalty were. The King did or said something foolish, so I jokingly started to call him "green [something.]" Unfortunately the other royals in the room kept shushing me, not letting me finish my joking insult. I almost slipped at one point, but stopped myself. It was very frustrating. I went back outside, where someone showed me a map of the grounds. There were 2 castles/manors on the large, odd-shaped lot. I ended up going into a sunken area with white walls & no ceiling. There was something dangerous about the area--perhaps something about spying. There were some doors & windows along the walls, but all the glass was clouded. You couldn't see through them, although they seemed to glow with light. I turned around & headed the other way. I passed a side hallway to my left & just past that the one I was in turned right (none of the "hallways" had any ceilings & all were white.) Brad Pitt was there. I stopped to speak with him. Someone came by & gave me a half-wet cigarette. Brad & I kept trying to smoke it, but it was half falling apart & we kept getting interrupted. I tried to reroll it in another paper at one point. A loud, extroverted man came along, offering Brad a $3M acting job in a play for the royals that evening. Brad had little choice but to accept. Everyone in the area were offered (& took) various, play-related jobs from the man. When everyone was gone, the man turned to me, excited, & said I'd be the perfect person to paint it.

The bike incident happened in "real" life, more or less, but I was stopped by a cop (who let me go once I assured him that I'd fix my sole headlight.) My friend T.P. (who's actually quite mechanically apt,) fixed it for me.
Many people on Mom's side of the family aren't quite "above board," legally. Mom was a flat out liar & user who colluded with her Mafia boyfriend on various scams (including ruining my brother's credit before he even graduated from high school,) & she often acted as a fence for stolen goods. I once almost saw her get into a physical fight with a Canadian Customs officer--but the officer backed down (no kidding.) Taxes are also an issue in my dream on Feb. 24th (a camera appears in that dream, as well.)
The Aunt in this dream is the last surviving sibling among them. She has a tendency to steal lighters, at the very least. I don't even know that it's intentional, but I do know that she has enormous jars full of them at her house. She's actually a very sweet lady who's had it pretty rough toward the later part of life & I love her very dearly. Mom & one of her siblings also appear in my dream on Feb. 25th.
Rolling Stones & re-rolling a cigarette here. It was ironic to see this in the news today.
In opposition to my silent companions in recent dreams, last night I was the one being shushed.
Dreams that include large yards/lots of land (& sometimes big houses/manors) also occured on Feb. 23rd & 25th.
Offers also appear in tomorrow's dream.

The picture is of some of the white clover in our yard. It's actually greener & prettier than all that grass I paid for & the poor, vanishing bees love it. It's quickly taking over our yard, which means we may not need our lawn guy's services for much longer.


Marvin said...

Yup, it's hard to think of anything the honey bees like better than clover. I could be wrong about this, but I don't think clover holds up well to traffic and heat. You can keep from walking a path on it, but you just can't keep the weather from getting hot. The heat might not be quite as much of a problem in your area because it's wetter than here.

Lana Gramlich said...

Marvin; From what I understand, there are at least a few different types of white clover, so I presume we have a type that agrees with our climate. We started out with none, literally (it was a virtual jungle out here when I bought the house, so I had the whole yard leveled & brought in fresh, new soil.) Last year we had a single, small patch & this year the only area it hasn't taken over is my effectively shade-less front yard. Wherever we have shade, we have clover. It's very lovely & helps keep bees away from our deck. Everybody wins. ;)

Erik Donald France said...

Very cool dream meander. And the Keith link is hilarious -- “Meanwhile, I just go ‘Thank God I'm awake’ and wait for three or four hours before I do anything. . ."

Charles Gramlich said...

The clover is nice. I wish we had some crimson clover. That is so beautiful.

Lana Gramlich said...

Erik; *LOL*

Charles; Not as beautiful as you. (We could look into getting some, though, if you'd like.)

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