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Thursday, February 21, 2008

LND; Canada Visit & Asparagus Experiment

I went back to Canada for a visit & hooked up with M.T. We went to a bar, but I wasn't into the scene. I went to a big, mostly empty back room. There were a few gaming machines there. There was also a little tray with some change in it (like a "leave a penny" tray,) on the next table over. After making sure no one was watching, I took 30 cents to use in one of the gaming machines. I figured I'd be finished pretty quickly, but I ended up playing for quite a while. I didn't keep track of my winnings. A couple other people came to sit in the room & soon after a waitress came in. She saw me & recognized me right away. We exchanged pleasantries & I told her how things were going in my life. Then R.M. came in. She was delighted to see me & wanted to hang out. As I was talking with her, M.T. came up & wanted me to go to her house with her. I realized I was in a bit of a conundrum & went to the bathroom through a white door in a white wall to get away for a moment. I never did go back to check my winnings on the gambling machine. M.T. had told me she'd meet me at her car, out in the parking lot. I went outside to meet her, but a bus cut off my route. I had to jump onto the front bumper to avoid being run over. The bus soon got up to full speed. I clung to the front of the bus, banging on the windshield. The driver (on the right side of the bus instead of the left,) was an older man & didn't see me. He kept looking in his rear view mirror, trying to locate the source of the banging. The driving compartment was separated from the passenger compartment by glass. Eventually the bus slowed to make a right & I managed to jump off. Soon I ran into M.T. & told her what happened. A couple of cop cars went by, pulling over a car full of teens. M.T. & I went to her house. On the way, out the car window I saw a pretty, little tree. Later someone was talking about "the asparagus experiment," in which a songbird's eye was injected with some kind of asparagus extract. This made the eye virtually impervious to injury, infection or disease but soon afterward the eye started emitting inch & a half long seeds. To my horror, someone wanted to try it on an elephant. I was willing to physically fight to stop them.

7 comments: said...

Ye gods.

You have the most fascinating dreams.
There is a Latin-American writer, can't think of her first name, a Madamme Azuella, protege of Borges, whose stories remind me of your dreams.
But I think you relate them better!

Charles Gramlich said...

Asparagus in the eye. Ouch ouch ouch

mon@rch said...

what a waste of asparagus! I was hoping that the asparagus project was something that made them cheaper! Guess now!

Travis said...

How would one harvest the asparagus growing out of an eye?

Christina said...

Wow, this is really detailed. At first I thought it was something you really did, then the bus thing made me wonder. Yeah, that's right! In Los Angeles, I wouldn't be surprised if bus did drive off with someone attached to the bumper. The bus nearly took off while I was climbing down the stairs. Their double doors closed on my shoulder, so comparing your notes to mine, I was still thinking... "This might be real." The injection thing is intense!

Miladysa said...

Oh how awful!

I'm cringing at the very thought :[

I wish you sweet dreams.

Lana Gramlich said...

Ivan; Thank you!

Charles; I woke from that pretty freaked out.

Mon@rch; That might have made sense in "real" life, but the subconscious mind is hardly rational.

Travis; Asparagus wasn't growing out of the eye, though. It's just that seeds started poking their way out & falling to the floor. It makes me think of "eye seed," which could be interpreted as "I saw," y'know?

Christina; As it says up top, "'LND' in the subject line of a post means 'last night's dream.' Dreams are typically shown in italics."
The seeds caused the poor bird agonizing pain. I woke somewhat shaken.

Miladysa; Actually I'd often rather have shocking or semi-shocking dreams like this than mundane ones where I'm at work, y'know? It's like a smack in the complacency.

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