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Monday, February 25, 2008

LND; Reese's, Swordsman & Beer

I parked my car near a government building that had a large front yard with huge live oak trees on it. I went to a convenience store nearby. As the cashier was checking me out, I thought I'd get Charles a chocolate bar. They were just to my right. I saw that they had a huge sized package of Reese's; 37 cups for $23. Although I had credit & debit, I had less than $20 in cash, so I figured I'd just get a regular (2-cup) sized bar. While I was figuring that out, an older woman stepped into my place in line. I stepped back in front of her, annoyed to the point of anger. I made my purchase & left. Outside, I couldn't find my car. I ended up looking through a loose leaf notebook. Toward the back were pages from a program from a pagan campout I'd been at in past. Somehow I was at it again (& the program still applied.) I'd highlighted things I wanted to see & do with a yellow marker, but some things happened at the same time, which was frustrating. At one of the scheduled events I won a man who had a very thin rapier. He never said a word. He followed me as we headed to a mall or flea market where Mom was running a booth. I had a cask of beer in my backpack & as we walked I decided we might as well finish it. I had a large, empty, clear plastic cask with green trim strapped to my chest. I opened a valve at my shoulder & the beer flowed into the empty cask. I got to Mom's booth. One of my uncles was with her. She freaked out about the beer & I got mad, yelling that she'd been an alcoholic for years but I couldn't even have a beer. I'd even been planning on sharing it, but she could go to hell now. Soon the swordsman with me swiped at me a couple of times with his rapier, grinning. He got me at least once. We moved away from Mom's booth, with her still yelling, toward the left. I managed to get the rapier away from him & started poking him back with it--not deep, just pinpricks. I knew I was going to have trouble keeping him under control, but that was my job now. I realized that I'd bent the sword poking him with it & I paused to straighten it out. It wasn't very sturdy.

The gov't building is similar to the old courthouse Covington, the next town over from where we live. It may be here because of an upcoming deadline for an STAA show--they're located just around the corner from the courthouse. They've been a point of annoyance for me lately. The board of directors uses funds (including gov't grants,) & the gallery, itself, for their own gain, rather than keeping with their stated goal to "support local artists." As a result not only am I skipping this show (which is--you guessed it--geared almost solely toward featuring one board member's works,) but I certainly won't be renewing my membership this coming Autumn. I should have listened to those who warned me against joining this corrupt, cliquey bunch.
Somewhat ironically, 37 divided by 23 = 0.621621 (repeating) per Reese's cup. The phone number where I grew up ended with "6012." When I was a kid, Reese's were my favorite chocolate bar. I also dreamed of buying Charles chocolate on Feb. 18th & of being cut in front of in line on Jan. 16th.
The pagan campout is a reflection of festivals I'd attended primarily around 2001 & 2002, including Starwood XXII (wayyy overpriced,) Wic-Can Fest and smaller, local events & womens' weekends. I was still fighting against my true, anti-social nature at the time & ended up disillusioned with the whole, pagan scene (for a wide variety of reasons.)
There was something important about the swordsman, both good & bad. If I kept him under control, his companionship would be of some great benefit. If I didn't, he'd swipe or stab at me with his rapier (which hurt, but was ultimately non-lethal.) In his lack of speech, he demonstrates that "actions speak louder than words."
Mom's booth comes from my hellish teens again, when she used me as free labor to run a bogus handwriting analysis machine (among other things,) on behalf of her mafia gunrunner boyfriend. I abhor thinking about those times, which is why they come out in dreams, I'm sure.
Lots of frustration, annoyance & anger in this dream. I'll definitely have to find time to have a closer look at this one (& I'll update this post with more info &/or thoughts, once I do.)

The picture is of a chipping sparrow and a goldfinch from a few weeks back. It was foggy when I went outside to feed the birds this morning. A couple of hawks (red-shouldered, presumably,) were "doin' it" in a tree not far from our feeders, but I didn't have my camera handy & they didn't stick around long afterwards.

And now for something completely different; perhaps the funniest 3 minutes every caught on film (including subtitles for those who have trouble with accents);


Billy said...

The old courthouse in Covington--or should I say the conglomeration of courthouses on the corner and up and down the street. And then the new courthouse, a battleship of justice. What a study in comparison and contrasty!

Miladysa said...

I just LOVE this photograph! It would make a really nice card :-D

LOL at the hawks!

Lisa said...

Wow, that's some dream! Dream or not, you must be a brave woman!
Beautiful picture, and interesting story about the hawks! Spring is really coming! :)

Lana Gramlich said...

Billy; Yes, quite!

Miladysa; Thanks. I got a kick out of the hawks, too.

Lisa; Other than a night or two that got close to freezing, I still haven't seen Winter. I love the South. *L*

Travis said...

Python rocks!

Rough angry moments in the dream. said...

The Monty Python:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Charles Gramlich said...

A keg of beer in your backpack? I knew there was some good reasons to love you.

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; Agreed (on both.)

Ivan; Absolutely!

Charles; C'mon was a cask. I could never lug up a keg! (Still love me? *LOL*)

avery said...

I enjoy having dreams that flow from one topic to another. Even when not dedicated to figuring them out (as you've done), it's nice to just let the events sweep you along, isn't it?

You've posted from one my favorite all-time movies. The French guard is probably the best character. Maybe Tim, too.

Lana Gramlich said...

Avery; I really haven't figured anything out on most of these dreams yet. I just try to make relevant comments here, but the real interpretation will come somewhere down the line, when I have the time, inclination & mental stamina to engage in it. It's nice to be "swept along," yes, but it's also a bit of work to keep reviewing & remembering things as they're happening. Every so often I have to take a break from remembering, so I can get a good, solid night's sleep.
Tim is hysterical! Don't forget the old man from scene 24 or Roger the Shrubber. ;)

Donnetta Lee said...

What a dream! You have dreams that are as colorful and full of twists and turns as are my own! I sure enjoy reading your "stuff!" Never a dull moment. How's the weather down your way? Cold here. Even though the sun was shining today. Take care.

Michelle's Spell said...

That dream is really something! I like the man with the rapier -- he's interesting in that symbolic way that you say -- both good and bad. It's weird how dreams can reflect so much fo the past. I always wake up from those feeling so strange!

Lana Gramlich said...

Donetta; Thank you! There's a local weather widget underneath the blog archive list.

Michelle; Most of my dreams seem to point to the past. I don't usually wake from them feeling much of anything at all. Once in an infrequent while I do wake up crying, though.

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