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Monday, February 18, 2008

LND; Trespassing, Computers & Kisses

I was walking down a private driveway to go for a hike on a path adjacent to the house. I was nervous about being caught by the homeowner, but it was predawn, so I figured that if I were quiet, they'd never know I was there. Kaja was outside the house. As I came near I called to him in a whisper. It took him a few moments, but soon he fell in behind me. The path went across a narrow part of a lake, but it had recently flooded. The water was only about a foot deep, so I decided to go across, anyway. I figured it'd probably be cleared up farther down. I got 2/3 down the flooded path toward the woods when I heard a man call out behind me. It was the homeowner, but I figured I could still get away in the woods. Soon I realized that the whole area was flooded & I was just flat busted. I started panicking, unsure of what the homeowner was going to do. Later I was in a computer class held in a store. A woman came by & asked what version of Windows I was using. I tried to go to the System applet in Control Panel to find out, but it didn't work like regular Windows & I was having trouble. Another woman there told me to type "msconfig" into a dos window. I got upset at someone else telling me what to do when I probably knew more about computers than anyone else in the room, so I ignored her & kept trying to get to the System applet. When I continued to have trouble, I moved to a different machine to try it there. The woman who'd suggested msconfig moved to execute the command on my computer & the woman who'd asked to begin with leaned over her shoulder to watch. I decided I'd had enough & walked away. I found bins of giant Hershey's kisses & decided to get one to share with Charles. They were over $12, which was ridiculously expensive (as I remembered buying one in Canada years ago for $4.) Still, I figured Charles would appreciate it & we'd both enjoy it, so I continued to look through the bins. Alex Trebek came by & paused to exchange a pleasant greeting with me. There were different kinds of kisses in the bins. I wanted dark chocolate. I finally took one in a dark brown wrapper, but soon realized it was coffee flavored. I remembered that dark chocolate should be in a purple wrapper, so I put the coffee kiss back. Unfortunately they didn't have giant dark chocolate kisses, so I figured I'd buy a bag of regular-sized dark chocolate kisses. A salesman came along & held out a sword in my direction. The hilt & scabbard had ornate, swirly designs on them. He suggested it as a gift, pulling the sword out to show me that it was made of white chocolate. The chocolate blade was about the length of a dagger. Another couple was nearby. The man looked like a biker & he & his wife were clearly very much in love. He told me that they'd bought one, too, & enjoyed the chocolate in celebration of the birth of their son, who was now 4. He had it with him & showed me that there was chocolate inside the hilt, too, breaking out a piece to eat. Although I thought the chocolate blade should be longer, I also though Charles would appreciate it, too, so I said I'd take it. The salesman brought it up to the checkout for me & the checkout girl rang it up. The total was $65, which seemed like quite a bit for what I was getting, but I still figured Charles'd appreciate it. I handed over my credit card & she swiped it. Soon she walked away with my card & I assumed there was a problem (although there shouldn’t have been.) A man who was dressed oddly was standing nearby. He started talking to me & I realized he must've been one of Charles' friends & that I should know who he was (although I didn't.) Soon I saw Charles pull into the parking lot & stop on the far side. As he got out of the car, his friend went outside & climbed into part of an outfit on a costumed man outside. I thought another person was in the other side of the costume, too, but I wasn't sure. Soon I realized that there were a lot of police around, driving in the lot & walking around the strip mall. A presumably homeless man was in a shopping cart, kind of stuck in a large hole in the bottom of it, with his arms & legs sticking out. A policeman went to help him.

Kaja (in the pictures above,) was a Siberian husky my ex & I had in Canada. He made Winters bearable, if not downright fun. Unfortunately he had severe separation anxiety, so after breaking up with my ex, I had to give him away (which breaks my heart to this day.) He probably appears here because a show including wolves was on a TV last night, reminding me of him. Being caught by the homeowner in that part of the dream made me wake up in a bit of a panic.
Later in the dream we seem to have a mix of Valentine's Day & Halloween.
Alex Trebek is probably here because I've recently started watching Jeopardy again.
The biker man & his wife remind me of Charles & I. Although we don't have a 4 year old, I've lived with him over 4 years now.


Billy said...

Having to give away the dog--ohhhh, that must have been soooo hard. (From Canada to Abita Springs. Now that's what I call a transition LOL.) Gotta be warmer down here, right?

Lana Gramlich said...

Billy; It was better than bringing him to the pound, where he likely would've been put down 2 days later. It was terribly hard, regardless. We were great friends.
Yes, definitely warmer here. I much prefer a week or two of Winter (with little, if any, snow,) to a half a year or more (with foot upon foot of snow.)

Charles Gramlich said...

Four years going on 400?

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; 4 wonderful years going on infinity (+1. ;)

Miladysa said...

Very interesting dream Lana.

Kaja is such a handsome looking dog and I was sorry to read that he is no longer with you in person but the good news was that you managed to see him in your dreams.

I am going to tell my friend Melissa about this post - she will love to see your photographs of Kaja.

Anonymous said...

Double Jeopardy said: You seem to have an outstanding memory. I'll bet you'd do really well as a contestant on Jeopardy. Thanks for sharing your dream--so vivid.

Lana Gramlich said...

Miladysa; He was so much fun. Many happy memories with him. He could jump like a kangaroo, too--it was unbelievable!

Anonymous/Double Jeopardy; Thank you. I assure you that my memory is not so outstanding. At least not when I'm awake. *L*

Travis said...

Kaja is beautiful. I once had an Alaskan Malamut mix for about 6 months. I had to give him back to the people we got him from because of an unexpected change in my living situation.

He was a great dog and I still miss him, even thought I only had him for a few months.

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; They sure get deep in one's heart quickly. *sympie hug*

Gabby said...

Oooo... what a beautiful dog!

disa said...

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