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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday's Dream

Someone commented that they wanted to be with someone before they got tits. Another commented that they wanted to be with them after. Later I was driving a carload of people. We ended up in Fat City, which wasn't far from where I live, somehow. I pulled into a McDonald's parking lot & stopped along the left side of the driveway (as opposed to the angled parking spots on our right.) It had snowed & the lot had been plowed. I'd parked very close to a snow bank. Someone asked me something & when I answered, "I'm going in for food," everyone howled with laughter & decided to come with me. I had a hard time getting out of & around the car because I'd parked so close to the snow bank. Yet later I found a book had been requested by a patron. It had an iridescent cover. Soon it was covered with many more books, so I dug it back out of the pile.

"Fat City" is a commercial district in Metairie, Louisiana (where we lived before Hurricane Katrina.) It's dozens of miles from where we live, across Lake Pontchartrain.
I haven't eaten McDonald's in years & have no plans to change that anytime soon (although I do sometimes miss the fries.) I'd rather chew my own foot off than eat McDonalds.


Jacob said...

I'd rather chew my own foot off than eat McDonalds.

Your foot probably has better nutritional value, too!

Lana Gramlich said...

Jacob; No doubt. <:\

Charles Gramlich said...

mmmmm, foot.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; *LOL* (Yours are the feet of deliciousness.)

ivan said...

Poetesses have iambic feet. (Clang!) :)

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