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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Astronomically Speaking & LND; Smuggling & Kidnapping

I was with two women getting ready to cross the border into the U.S. One of the women (who owned the car we were in,) was clearly an addict. She had black tar heroin on her & asked me to take it across the border. As we parked outside of Customs, she explained that they were using an advanced laser detection system this time around. I flatly refused, as I wanted nothing to do with it, not to mention that I’d surely be busted. She ended up going through before us & taking the heroin, herself. Of course she was caught & taken into custody. Shortly afterward I mentioned to the other woman with us that we should have held onto her car keys so we could have kept going. Now we were kind of stranded there & the Customs officials refused to give us the addict’s keys (as they were “evidence.”) Later a man tried to kidnap a young girl, but failed.

Note that I don't know anyone who does heroin in "real" life. My dream attitude reflects my real attitude regarding that subject.

Astronomically speaking...
This morning Mercury was in conjunction with Neptune.
Today Uranus was in conjunction with the Sun (never look at such conjunctions without adequate eye protection or you'll blind yourself.)
Thurs., Mar. 13th; On this date in 1781, Uranus was discovered by Sir Frederick William Herschel.
Fri., Mar. 14th; Mars is in conjuction with the first quarter Moon.
Tues., Mar. 18th; Regulus is between the Moon & Saturn.
Wed., Mar. 19th; The Moon is in conjunction with Saturn.
Thurs., Mar. 20th; Spring begins/Vernal equinox. Although most people believe that daylight & night hours are equal at the "equinox" (equal night,) that's a common misconception. Daylight & night hours were closest to equal this go 'round on Mar. 16th.
Fri., Mar. 21st; Full Moon.


Chris said...

Interesting dream! Thanks for the planet info, I love to study as much as I can.

Lana Gramlich said...

Chris; Anytime. ;)

mon@rch said...

Your dreams are always very interesting! Not sure how you can remember all these details! Thanks!

Charles Gramlich said...

definitely not a "mundane" dream like you say you have. I've never even seen heroin in real life. but the name Black Tar Heroin has a certain ring to it.

Erik Donald France said...

Border crossings (with illicit baggage) is exciting and tense -- as well as scary. This is perfect for dream-charged storytelling. Look, you scared yourself! :->

Billy said...

Yeah, I don't squat about heroin and yet I've heard the term "black tar." Must have been from a movie.

Interesting dream. Ever since I started reading your blog, I have better dream recall and more vivid dreams (something 2 B expected accroding to LaBerge at the Lucidity Institute).

Billy said...

..don't KNOW squat about ... " LOL

Steve Malley said...

No Country for Old Men, the drug guys were running black tar, and it shows up a fair bit in James Lee Burke's work. I think it sounds better than 'China White' or 'Brown skag', and most of us writer types are happy not to research further.

Cool dream, too!

Travis said...

I've never been exposed to heroin. I was in the room where some people were smoking pot, but I didn't try it.

Drugs were never my thing.

Lana Gramlich said...

Mon@rch; Practice, practice, practice!

Charles; It was mundane for me...There was no personal threat to me, as I had nothing to do w/the heroin. Ending up stuck at Customs (which I've done before,) isn't as exciting as you may think. <:\

Erik; I wish I did scare myself, but alas, I merely got stuck in red-tape-ville. :(

Billy; Yes, the "black tar" heroin is surely mentioned somewhere in TV-land, from the news to any number of cop/court shows to "Intervention." One no longer needs to be "in the scene" to know the lingo. Glad you don't squat it, either, though. *LOL* (Kdn! ;)
Glad your recalling more vivid dreams--that's cool!

Steve; Thanks. Yeah, "black tar" sounds significantly more hardcore than the others.

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; I've done my share of substances (particularly during my troubled youth,) but I'd never try heroin, EVER.

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