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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Safflower Seed BS & 2 Dreams

Friday night's dream; I went back to college after a holiday break. I ran into a cook, who was making chocolate chip muffins for the male students. They asked me to bring one to a guy to try, which I did. Later I was outside in the rain, heading to a different area of campus, computer keyboarding as I walked. I wasn't concerned about using electronics in the rain--all would be well.

Last night's dream; I was with Charles, John Krasinski & his girlfriend. Charles gave John & I tasks to do, involving treating parts of blue walls with matching spackle. I had to do artistic things, John had to do maintenance/repair things. John referred to me as his girlfriend, although everyone (including him,) knew I wasn’t. It was some kind of private joke. We went through the area, spackling as Charles had asked. When we were done we went back & got him. He inspected the work. Mine seemed to be up to par, but the repairs that John had done just weren’t going to cut it. I tried to defend him, to no avail. I showed Charles a house I painted on a wall with the spackle. It looked 3-dimensional.

The picture is of some of this afternoon's birds, which are coming back, now that we've given up on our brief, expensive & failed experiment with safflower seed. Squirrels allegedly won't eat it, but ours will. Although cardinals & other birds are supposed to love it, none of our birds liked it at all (many of our "usuals" haven't been back since.) What a waste of $25...and I only have 24 more pounds of it to get rid of.
Today we bought our "usual," cheap, mixed birdseed & sunflower seeds, & some of the birds started coming back, at least. I realized today that not only do we have a pair of red-bellied woodpeckers, but there's a second male around, too.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately (posting or commenting.) I've been busy working overtime in virtually every sense of the word. I'll be returning to my regular schedule soon.
Many thanks to those who are voting for my drinking story! :)


Charles Gramlich said...

I fed the birds this morning and I've seen two woodpeckers, both of which appear to be males, several cardinals and doves, and a few smaller birds, including a brownish one with white and black stripes on his head.

Lana Gramlich said...

Charles; That's the white throated sparrows. I haven't seen any chipping sparrows, goldfinches or juncos in days (& I'm not so sure about the titmice or chickadees, either, to be honest.)

Billy said...

I have re-voted. You seem to be winning hands down :)

Christina said...

I had a dream about being back in college, but for some reason, everyone from Jr. High was there too. I would consider it a nightmare in a slight way.

Your dreams are so detailed. I love it.

Travis said...

Artistry with spackle eh?

Chris said...

Lots of great birds you got there! I love the woodpecker, cardinals and the dove in flight! Too bad about the safflower seeds!

Miladysa said...

Lana that is an amazing photograph!

Keyboarding in the rain - lol - :-D

mon@rch said...

I always love hearing about your unusual dreams and no worries about being behind! We all get that way sometimes!

Lana Gramlich said...

Billy; Thanks, again! :)

Christina; Agreed...Those dreams are nightmares, indeed!

Travis; Kind of like a "repair & beautify" theme with that...

Chris; I only hope all of the other little ones come back soon. Still no sight of them. <:(

Miladysa; Thanks!

Lana Gramlich said...

Mon@rch; I appreciate your understanding. :)

Marvin said...

To mangle a trite expression: I stay behind to keep from getting that way.

Sounds as if you need to search the Net for a good safflower seed casserole recipe. Serve it often -- until you start feeling an irresistible urge to curl your toes around round objects.

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