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Thursday, March 20, 2008

LND; Artists Among Rainbow Trees

I was at work in an office. Outside the front door I saw someone standing in front of a forest. The trees blazed with fall colors. I decided to go out with my digital camera & get some pictures. Shortly after going out, the trees changed colors. At first they seemed to get duller, but soon they became brighter & more unreal (rainbow-colored.) I realized that people in the office saw me & resented me for not working. I didn’t care. Walking to a different area for another shot, I noticed some young people down among the trees. I went over to them. They were some kind of art community (inc. singers, painters, etc.) They didn’t seem to mind me being among them. As I focused to take another picture of the bright trees, a young woman spoke kindly to me. I hoped I could join them. I felt I belonged with them.

Bright/rainbow colors, again, typically symbolic of beauty &/or transformation. Also reminiscent of my art, which often involves surreally bright colors.
Also a desire to belong to a group, to find acceptance. This is probably from my younger days, when there was hardly a kind word said to me in 10 years (which is probably why I'm pretty anti-social these days.)

The picture is from a hike last Autumn (& seemed to fit the theme of the dream pretty well.)

Today is the first day of Spring (here in the Northern latitudes.) Enjoy. :)


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Great shot and post. I ADORE bright colors. WOOT!!!

How fun to find a group of artistic people. You gravitated to the group because you belong with them. :D

Hugs, Jj

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

This dream has a different tone to the others, like more relaxed?

Britta Coleman said...

Great pic. I'm enjoying spring here in Texas...spent the morning outside reading. My kind of Spring Break.

Christina said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I was thinking of you. I hope everything is going good with you and I noticed that you are in the contest on your other side for a story. I haven't had a chance to read any of the stories yet, but I want to say congratulations on being in the running!

Travis Erwin said...

I'm ready for longer days and shorter nights. And good fishing weather.

Chris said...

Happy first day of spring! I like you're rainbow trees, what an interesting dream, I too wouldn't be working if I saw trees change colors before my eyes..who cares what others think, you're right!!!

Natural Woman said...

I love that you carry your camera with you, I've been meaning to do that. Nice pic and Happy Spring!

Charles Gramlich said...

Something about your description of the group of young people reminds me of the pagan group of drummers we went to in Austin that one time, in the park.

Lana Gramlich said...

JJ; Thanks. I'm considering doing a painting based on this dream, actually.

Julie; So it would seem, but it was actually more stressful to be among a group than it was stopping a lone gunman. My head's funny that way. *L*

Britta; Sounds perfect. I'm thinking about spending the day on our deck, myself.

Christina; Thanks for stopping by again. All is well--I've just been very busy with work these days. I think my drinking story will definitely make it to the 2nd round (& I owe it all to my blog friends. :)

Travis; Even your avatar looks like it's getting ready to explode with fishing glee. *L*

Chris; I may do a painting of the rainbow trees (once I'm finished with a painting I'm working on now, that is...)

NW; Yes...I even carry my camera in dreams! Thanks for the Spring wishes & back atcha. :)

Charles; The group in my dream were cooler than the Austin drummers, though. More artsy & individualistic. The rainbow trees remind me of a dream I had many years ago in which we were walking hand in hand & came upon similar trees. It was beautiful & I was very happy.

Steve Malley said...

What a beautiful dream. Easy to see which tribe you belong with! :)

Lana Gramlich said...

Steve; Absolutely! :)

disa said...

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