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Monday, March 10, 2008

Space Mermaids, Land Clearing & LND; General Help in Space

I was part of a spaceship’s crew. The ship was huge. I took a tour of it with the captain. At one point we passed by a couple of volcanic vents contained in a raised area along the hallway. The captain gave me a stack of commendations & told me to process them. Going through them, I saw that most of them were for one person; the crew’s volcanism expert. We met up with him--he was a handsome, smart young man. The captain lead him to another area with me following along behind. We went past the volcanic vents again. I ended up alone with the volcanism expert in a small room. He expressed an interest in me & I reciprocated. The captain came back by & asked me to grab 3 pieces of clothes from the uniform room, based on colored strips (all of which were warm colors; yellow-orange, etc.) I went to get the clothes. The uniform room was large & open. A woman came through & went into the small room with the volcanist, closing the door behind her. After I got the clothing the captain requested I put my ear to the door. Inside I could hear the woman on the phone.

The volcanism is most likely from recent TV viewings.
Although it was interesting to be on a spaceship in this dream, I was still relegated to "girl friday/errand-runner," more or less. Mundania intrudes, even in outer space.
When I listened at the volcanist's door it wasn't because I was jealous--it was because I wondered how long they'd be, as I had to get in there to deal with the stack of commendations.

"Space Mermaids" (the sketch, above,) was done quite a few years ago. It was based on a poster I saw in one of my dreams. I may paint something based on this someday (which means getting out the airbrush, which is a pain in the @$$, frankly...)
Update; I finally did a study (sold,) and a detailed painting of this sketch.

In other, general news, a lot near our home was cleared today. There goes yet another 1/2 acre of forest. <:(


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Space Mermaids!!! I looove this. :D

Great post.

Hugs, JJ said...

Something incomplete here-- if a dream could ever be complete. Self-editing?
Kind of a charged situation, the volcano expert and the woman behind closed doors.
Were this one of my dreams, I would probably have the volcanic guy either going off into some weird sexual fantasy, or invloved in sex with the woman...Maybe I am too enamored by a Stanislaw Lem story that has a similar armature.. But I guess there is an imprimatur here, and you wouldn't want to violate your own rules of keeping the sex stuff out.

Anyway, a fascinating dream, and as always, vividly recorded.


I voted on your story today...Something tweaking me interest: Did you write the "anonymous" one as well? heh. Should be no news to you that you are prolific.

Lana Gramlich said...

JJ; Thank you. :)

Ivan; No, no sex in the dream, no self editing. I've reported it as it was. And no, I didn't post the anonymous drinking story.

Travis said...

Curious. I'm watching Hot Rocks with Iain Stewart on the Science Channel tonight. He is visiting volcanos in Indonesia.

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; Interesting!

Sidney said...

Interesting Scotch story, though I'm sure it wasn't fun at the time. :-)

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Curious dream! The side of painting that gets me is digging things out when it can't be left set up.

Charles Gramlich said...

At least you got into space. I went by that cut area this morning and it certainly looks like a house lot. Sigh.

Lana Gramlich said...

Sidney; I was sick, but not scarred for life. *whew*

Julie; I used to leave the airbrush set up, but when I remembered why I stopped airbrushing to begin with I packed it up in hopes of selling it (which hasn't happened.)

Charles; I noticed yesterday that a lot of our backyard shade is now gone. At least we have a buffer between us & them, though. For now.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I love the sketch!!

Lana Gramlich said...

Michelle; Thank you!

Avery said...

You're so honest with your dreams. You just lay it out, as is. I love that.

Sorry to hear about the woods. It's heartbreaking. The woods behind my parents' house, where I used to play and pretend, are gone, replaced by cookie-cutter, poorly designed and built pre-fabs. They had to fill in swamp to get them up. One can only hope nature will have her retribution.

Lana Gramlich said...

Avery; Too many people think their dreams are a direct representation of their own thoughts & dreams, so they're scared to share them. I (on the other hand,) know better.
As for man over nature, it was much the same where I grew up...It all started out dirt roads & farmlands. By the time I moved away it was fully destroyed by the gold coasters. Nothing but ritzy strip malls, mansions & overpriced restaurants. I've never been back & I doubt I ever will. Yuck.

disa said...

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