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Sunday, March 2, 2008

LND; Killer at the Dept. Store

I was at work at a department store, sitting in the floor with my back against a display wall. My section was near cases of 2-liter bottles of soda. Co-workers came to tell me that a killer was loose in the store. Soon the killer came to my area, too. We all tried to act like we didn't know they were a killer, figuring we'd be safer that way. I had to go with them so they could change their clothes. I took them to our boss' currently unused apartment toward the back of the store. No one was allowed in that area except the boss, but they weren't around & I didn't want to upset the killer. I unlocked the door & we went inside. The lights were all off. There were a couple of small closets & a low wall in the foyer. Beyond that was a spacious bedroom with a king-sized bed covered with a tan colored comforter. The killer went into the bedroom to get changed. I heard someone coming to the door & I dove to the floor behind the low wall, trying to hide. A little girl (about 7-8) came in & clearly saw me. I stood up to announce my presence, frightening the girl's mother, who had just walked in. She was carrying a younger girl (toddler?) & started fishing around in her purse for a gun. I got her calmed down & explained what we were doing there. The killer came out of the bedroom half-changed to see what the commotion was about.

I seem to dream of stores (of one kind or another,) quite often. I was at a store in dreams from Feb. 24th through 26th & on the 29th there were no stores around.
A 7-8 year old girl was also in yesterday's dream. I suspect she represents my inner child/childhood. A woman with 2 kids (even if the ages/sexes weren't quite right,) could certainly represent our family after Dad's premature death (when I was 9,) particularly as the woman's packing heat (as Mom often did.)

The picture is of a black butterfly (I don't know what kind,) from today's hike at Bogue Falaya Park.


Travis said...

It seems that could have been a scary dream, but you don't mention that particular feeling.

Which brings up a question. Do you general sense feelings in your dreams, or just the actions and events as they go by?

Miladysa said...

The dream certainly read scary to me Lana.

A black butterfly - how unusual :-D said...

Ah, the big Russian GUM store in the basement. And its familiar, if frightening images.
There is certainly one in my dreams.
the basement of our subconscious.

Lana Gramlich said...

Travis; I don't often feel anything when I'm dreaming, although frustration/anger seem to creep in more frequently than other emotions. When emotions do come through in my dreams they tend to be negative; horror, fear, anger, etc., but most dreams are negative events, in of themselves. Sometimes I feel quite removed from my dreams, as though I'm merely an observer. This may be because of my lucidity, which actually does make me an observer of sorts. My subconscious is producing dreams, but my conscious is busy taking notes.

Miladysa; I was more concerned about my boss catching me in their apartment than being with a killer, but that's dreams for you!

Lana Gramlich said...

Ivan; I wasn't really frightened at all. It takes a lot to get an emotional response from me in dreams--someone needs to shoot me or cut in front of me in line, for example. *L*

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